What the hell is Siditty?

Siditty is me and this is my first post to this blog. Siditty means "stuck-up", "snooty", "elitist". Yeah I fit into all those categories. Talk to me about politics, music, books, or movies and you will know what I mean when I talk about being "siditty". I have quit talking to people based upon the fact they have crappy tastes in music. I rant and rave alot, I am a bit of a drama queen, and yes I am a girl, no straight american male in his right mind would name a blog "siditty". I am not a girly girl, but this blog will reveal all my sidittiness.

Let's have a "getting to know you":

Name: Siditty
Age: 28, almost 29 as of February 18, please refer to the amazon wishlist for all gifts
Marital Status: Married to a boy
Children: 2, one dog, one cat
Favorite Movie: Right now it is Kill Bill, but that changes from day to day
Last Movie I bought: Napoleon Dynamite
Last Movie I saw in the theatres: I am embarassed to say "Meet the Fockers"
Favorite Band of All Time: Pixies, this has been my favorite band since I was 14 and heard Velouria for the first time
Other favorite bands or artists (this is a very short list): The Smiths, Massive Attack, Tricky, Frank Black, Breeders, Stereolab, Telefon Tel Aviv, Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, Public Enemy, Portishead, Weezer.
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Sushi, I can eat it everyday, literally. Sashimi, Nigiri, it is all good.
Political Leanings: Liberal, liberal, liberal, and I don't care who knows it dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Biggest Issue Concerning America Today: Men who still think baggy pants that hang off their ass at the age of 40 is cool. Crack kills, and so do holey fruit of the loom whitey tighteys. Brittney Spears and her trailer trash lifestyle. Beyonce and her weave.

Well that is just a little glimpse of me, but there will be more to come.