High School Sucked (My rant for the day)

I just stumbled across a blog of a former high school "friend" (the "friend" will be commented on further down the line). Apparently she still hangs out with all the other people I considered "friends" in high school, and after ten years apparently still hasn't changed, except for being a Jesus Freak (I will rant about those folks another day). The funny thing is I saw her working at a Starbucks (yeah the art career took off) and she pretended she didn't even remember me, as if we never once had a conversation in high school.

Looking back these people were never my friends, but I was so desperate to belong, I considered them such. I wanted to hang out with these folks so bad, and I was on the outer fringes of their circle, so I considered myself their “friend”. In my sophmore year of high school, I became friends with a freshman who wanted to be their friends as well, and I introduced her to them, and we were all supposedly "friends". Me and the girl was supposedly best friends, but things turned sour, we got into an argument, and all these people I considered my friends, instead became her “friends”, and they all end up ignoring me and expelling me from their group of “friends”.

As a result, senior year sucked. I was alone, bitter, and realized at that point my whole high school career, I really didn't have any friends, and I was just a big loser. Needless to say, seeing that girl's blog really got me in a pissy mood. I can hold a grudge forever, and if I was ever to see one of those girls again, I would probably pummel them, or spout nastiness straight from my mouth. I know it is ten years, almost eleven years later, but I am just that nasty. May they all die penniless and toothless.