News of the Week

Terri Schiavo needs to die, let her go, if this is what she wanted, she didn't want much out of life. Her parents appear to be media hungry people intent on believing this was caused by her husband's alleged abuse, which was never proven, and they attempted to sue the woman's doctors, blaming them for Ms. Schiavo's current condition. It seems they are trying to do anything to blame anyone else, except for their daughter for what happened, and appear to have a hard time letting go. It has been 15 years, give the woman Mercy. Please I beg of you, let her go and keep your face off my television, you and the religious media whore psychos outside her hospice care do nothing of great importance. We can't get a new episode of Lost to come on until May, but I have this nonsense in my face all day long.

Tom Sizemore, quit whining you guilty baby. Were you crying like a little bitch when you were getting high? I really don't think so.

Banksy, just rocks. I am oh so proud of this man :)

That is enough of current news and events, I must calm down now.