I want him, I want to kill him

This weekend my wonderful husband bought me a ring on an impulse buy for no apparent reason. I was so excited I got it sized and picked it up today and I have been wearing it nonstop. I love it so much. When he does stuff like that I love him to death, but just a few minutes ago, I decided I wanted to kill him.


I go into his office to see him, since he is shut off from the world there and see what he is doing, which per usual is programming. I say "hello!!", start conversation, he is non responsive. I ask what is wrong. He responds "nothing". Then I ask him to smile, he feigns a half ass politician smile, I again ask what's wrong, he then sighs and says "nothing, I hate when you do that!!!" I then ask again what the hell is wrong with him, he replies "uugggghh nothing is fucking wrong!!!"

::end reenactment::

I leave and bite my tongue and will continue silent treatment for the rest of the night. He will pretend nothing happened and pretend I am irrational for not speaking to him. I will stay silent and think of ways to beat him upside his head.