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Ikea madness

I went to the Ikea today and god it felt like I was going to Six Flags the way everyone was acting. Ikea just opened on August 3rd. Driving there is like driving to some rock concert. Traffic everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!! All for Ikea, not for the mall, not for some restaurant, but for swedish inspired particle board furniture (which I adore). I love Ikea,Lord knows I have flipped through the catalogs for years attempted while in Houston to make a quick stop for some stuff I simply didn't need, but for God sakes, it is Ikea and people here in Dallas are treating like the second coming of Christ, I just don't get it.

It is an awesome store, any and every Ikea is awesome, but dammit, it is crazy in there, people everywhere, and so much to buy, my husband had to make me put stuff down because I was picking up stuff because it was only $.50 or $1.00 or $3.49. I couldn't help it, Ikea is like a European Wal Mart, full of gaudy stuff, but exciting because it is European, therefore making it much more exciting than the Wal Mart cheap gaudy stuff.