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My anniversary

As of November 15th, 2006 me and my husband have been married THREE whole years. My husband being super duper awesome got me a nice gift certificate to Elizabeth Arden which should be able to afford me a half day at the spa plus tip :) He also took me to III Forks, a very nice steak house that is very tasty. On top of that last weekend we took a "vacation" to Dallas. Wait don't we live in Dallas? Yes......my husband had my stay at the Magnolia in a beautiful suite We stayed two nights, had cookies and milk, and dinner at Mortons in downtown. We came a good time, they did the lighting of the Neiman Marcus tree and had all kinds of activities on that Friday, it was really fun :) Overall we had a great time on "vacation" I LOVE MY HUSBAND HE IS SO AWESOME, I truly don't deserve him :)


I am a dark skinned black girl, I don't know how I feel . I used two different pictures so that is why different results


The Prestige: Great Movie, Long as hell

We went yesterday to see The Prestige. The Movie was an overall great movie. Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman were awesome, as well as David Bowie. The best part of the movie, wasn't the movie but my husband, who told me after the movie that Christian Bale had a horrible English accent. He said it was by far the worst English accent ever. For those who don't know Christian Bale is actually from the UK, so his accent was probably the most authentic accent in the whole movie. My husband thought he was American because of American Psycho and Batman Begins. Is that not the cutest thing ever?

Rush Limbaugh is Still a Big Fat Idiot

I am still trying to figure out why Rush was going to the Dominican Republic with Viagra prescribed under someone else's name? Honestly was he going down there to contribute to child and women exploitation?


Limbaugh Outfoxed

By William Saletan
Sunday, October 29, 2006; B02

I once had a friend who listened to Rush Limbaugh three hours a day. He was a Republican operative. He sat in my apartment, wearing headphones, while I worked. He swore that if I put on the headphones for 10 minutes, I'd be hooked. So I put them on.

Inside the headphones was another world. Everyone in this world thought the same way, except for liberals, and they were only cartoon characters, to be defeated as though in a video game. In the real world, my friend was unemployed and had been staying with me, rent-free, for two months. But inside the headphones, he could laugh about welfare bums instead of pounding the pavement.

I thought about that last week when Limbaugh went after his latest target: Michael J. Fox. The actor, who has Parkinson's disease, has been appearing in ads for candidates who support government-funded embryonic stem cell research. The ads promote such research as a potential cure for Parkinson's and other diseases.

On Monday, Limbaugh played one of the ads for his audience. "In this commercial, he is exaggerating the effects of the disease," he said of Fox. "He is moving all around and shaking. And it's purely an act. This is the only time I have ever seen Michael J. Fox portray any of the symptoms of the disease he has. . . . This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn't take his medication or he's acting, one of the two."

Where had Limbaugh seen Fox? "I've seen him on 'Boston Legal,' I've seen him on a number of stand-up appearances," he said. He pointed to Fox's autobiography. Fox "admits in the book that before a Senate subcommittee . . . he did not take his medication, for the purposes of having the ravages and the horrors of Parkinson's disease illustrated, which was what he has done in the commercials," Limbaugh charged.

In the book, Fox explains his life in the real world -- the world his body inhabits, as opposed to the make-believe world Limbaugh saw on television. Fox describes how, during "the years I spent promoting the fiction that none of this was actually happening to me," he learned "to titrate medication so that it kicked in before an appearance or performance. . . . I did everything I could to make sure the audience didn't know I was sick. This, as much as anything, had, by 1998, become my 'acting.' " When he came out of the Parkinson's closet, Fox recalls, he chose "to appear before the subcommittee without medication. It seemed to me that this occasion demanded that my testimony about the effects of the disease . . . be seen as well as heard."

Here we have two completely different notions of reality. Fox's job is to portray characters in movies and on television. For him, Parkinson's was an invasion of the fake world by the real one. The medication, designed to hide this from the audience, became part of the fiction. In going off his meds, he was dropping the act.

Limbaugh's life story has gone the other way. His job is to explain politics, a branch of nonfiction. But for him, the fake world has overtaken the real one. He thinks "Boston Legal" is reality. Anything that doesn't match this must be "acting." If you go off your meds, you're not revealing your symptoms. You're "portraying" them.

Radio, television and the Internet greased Limbaugh's descent into fantasy. Years ago, a profile described him "holed up in his New York apartment with Chinese takeout and a stack of rented movies." In another profile, he "complained that he has virtually no social life." Click the video links on his Web site, and you can peer into his world. He sits in a soundproof studio. He never has to go outside.

In Limbaugh's world, "there never was a surplus" under President Bill Clinton. AIDS "hasn't made that jump to the heterosexual community," and cutting food stamps is fine because recipients "aren't using them." Two years ago, he said the minimum wage was $6 or $7 an hour. Last year, he said gas was $1.29 a gallon.

Limbaugh has particular trouble distinguishing reality from entertainment. The abuse at Abu Ghraib "looks just like anything you'd see Madonna or Britney Spears do on stage," he told his listeners. Last month, he defended ABC's Sept. 11 movie against the document on which it purportedly relied: "The 9/11 commission report, for example, says, well, some of these things didn't happen the way they were portrayed in the movie. How do they know that?"

Last year, Limbaugh, who used a tailbone defect to get out of the Vietnam War draft, accused a Democratic candidate of having served in Iraq "to pad the resume." He charged veterans -- including former senator Max Cleland (D-Ga.), who lost his legs and an arm in Vietnam -- with trying "to hide their liberalism behind a military uniform . . . pretending to be something that they are not." When war is just a television show, a uniform is just a costume. Liberalism is real; losing your limbs is a pretense.

Which brings us back to stem cells. Limbaugh says Fox's ads dangle a prospect of imminent cures "that is not reality." He's right. But the ads convey another reality: a man dying of a disease that might be cured more quickly if the government dropped its restrictions on research funding. Limbaugh dismisses this as a "script" being followed by Fox's "PR people" and "the entertainment media." Script? Entertainment? This is life and death.

I have another friend. He has Parkinson's. I've seen him on good days and bad days. That's how I know Fox isn't faking. My friend doesn't see the destruction of embryos as a dangerous price to pay for stem cell research. I do. But if you worry about the embryos, you had bloody well better look into the eyes of the people dying of these diseases. You had better ask yourself whether slowing research that might save them is an acceptable price for your principles.

If you can't -- if all you can see is "acting" -- then you need more help than they do. Fox's disease can only take your body. Limbaugh's can take your soul.


William Saletan covers science and technology for Slate, the online magazine at www.slate.com.


The State Fair of Texas

I went to the State Fair of Texas yesterday with my husband. Let me start off by saying my husband hates the State Fair of Texas, and I love it. I think it is a childhood memory thing. I drag him every year. The only downside is I am not allowed to ride the rides. My husband does not feel they are safe since they are put together in one day by toothless men drinking beer all day.


We went yesterday and we went taking the DART rail. Which was way too crowded, people baffle me trying to fit their asses onto an already crowded car. Honestly you see people standing in the stairwell, you are still trying to get on the damn thing? How inconsiderate or stupid can you be?

We finally make it to the fair and we walk around first stop is to the Fletchers Corny Dog stand, that is a right that everyone must partake in. Tasty, tasty!!! We also went to the car show, where I sat in my dream Lexus and Infiniti. My husband got scared as I kept walking by them and sitting in them, over and over and over again. I love my cars!!!!!!! We then saw these African men tumbling all over the place and jumping on each other. These brothers were buff.....they were all shirtless and everything, and they were doing all kinds of crazy stuff, making human pyramids, flipping on each other, and everything. Very energetic indeed. We mostly just walked around. We went to the fairway where the rides were at. Interesting....we have been going to the fair together for about seven years, and some of those rides are older than seven years, they still have a "Magnum P.I." themed ride, as well as a "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" themed ride. Now both rides aren't licensed. One is called "Magnum", the other "Indiago". You know those rides are at least 20 years old. You also have the rides with the classy bikini clad girl draped across a Camaro, and other various trailer park themed rides. I wonder who does the ride art, and what white trash redneck background they come from to determine this art is "classy". We then partook in a fried snickers, I admit this is horrible, but that thing was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We continued to walk around, saw birds of prey, and lots of different flowers.

I don't know why I love the fair, but I do......really someone needs to stop me.

These pics are taken with a cell phone, which explains the great quality, that and it was overcast :)


She was offended?

She was offended? And why would she name her black cat nigger?

How tacky and classless. Australia is a country full of English rejects.......and it is apparent the gene pool is severely lacking.


N-word sparks Telstra race row

By Holly Ife

October 11, 2006 01:00am
Article from: Herald-Sun

A WOMAN who used the word "nigger" as her telephone account password said she was shocked when a Telstra worker accused her of racism.

Joy Summerhayes said a call centre operator told her she was racist and hung up on her after she called to query a phone account last month.

"I was horrified, I was really taken aback. My husband is Maori and my children are half-Maori. I am not a racist," Ms Summerhayes said.

The woman, from Bendigo in Victoria, said she chose the password when she set up the account almost a decade ago because it was the name of her much-loved black cat who has since died.

"It was just a word, not a statement. It was his name. We used to call him Nig," Ms Summerhayes said.

Last month Ms Summerhayes rang Telstra to query her account, speaking to a call centre worker who sorted out the problem. "At the end of the conversation, he asked if there was anything else he could help me with.

"I said no, and he said, 'By the way, you are a racist. Your password is nigger'.

"I said 'Excuse me, that's my cat's name', and he just hung up."

Ms Summerhayes said she had since received a verbal apology from a manager, but wanted a written apology from the call centre worker involved.

Telstra spokeswoman Sarah McKinnon said many people would find the word "nigger" offensive.

"It is not unnatural that a consultant reacted in this way," she said. "But it is unacceptable for any Telstra employee to speak to a customer in this manner.

"We are looking into what happened in this case. Telstra would encourage all customers to choose passwords that are unlikely to offend others, as they sometimes will need to offer them verbally."

Ms Summerhayes said she would not be changing her password.


Crackney Has Left The Building

Whitney has finally left Bobby. This needed to be done. This should have happened over a decade ago. The marriage should have never happened. The drugs and Bobby have worn her ragged. If she can kick the drugs maybe she can look like she bathes and gives a damn.

Since the loss of job announcement......

My motivation at work has decreased significantly. Let me mention, I had just gotten out of classroom training, and had been on the "floor" for two weeks when we received this announcement, and I was still in training, just on the job training.

My "mentor" was crackish anyway. She is a 34 year old woman who looks about 45, as if she has spent too much time in a bar (as if I am one to talk about spending time in bars). She enjoys Nascar, and has decorated her cubicle to show her Nascar love. She talks really loud, and could easily become an extra on Hee Haw with her twang and love of country music. Her husband is 50 and has three grown children, in which she is a grandmother to their children at 34. Her husband does not work so she is the breadwinner of the family. Mind you I make what she makes, and I ain't the breadwinner in my family. It would be Good Times in this joint if I was the only one working. With this background, you know I was in good hands.

The first time I sat with my mentor when we were still in the classroom, she didn't utter one word to me, except, "I am tired and hung over so just watch ok?". Nice and reassuring I would get great support once out on the floor.

Anyway between Mrs. Hee Haw and the announcement of the office closing, my time at work was spent on Monster and Careerbuilder, and in between that time sending emails to friends and family or hanging out by the vending machine with another girl in my training class who I refer to as "Spitty" or "Al Queda".

The name Spitty derives from the fact that the girl loves talking with her mouth full of food, and never appears to not have food in her mouth, so she is always spitting food everywhere when she talks. To make things worse she has braces, which makes spitting inevitable. At lunch I try to sit caddy corner from her and eat fast to protect my food from projectile particles that spew from her mouth.

The name Al Queda refers to the fact that the child is obsessed with Al Queda. Everyone is a potential member. We take the same route to work and there is an old Asian couple who walks every morning in their traditional dress. She thinks they are Al Queda, I think they are just retired people taking a walk. Anyone can be Al Queda, be it indian, pakistani, palestinian, it doesn't matter, hell even hispanic, they are all Al Queda. She will run miles from them for fear they will bomb her. Mind you even though she isn't as bad as Mrs. Hee Haw, she might as well be. Her husband likes off roading, they live in the country, and she enjoys Karaoke? Who actually likes that, she feels she is a good singer, and can't wait to take me one night to hear her perform. I don't think so.

Anyway since the announcement my days have been boring, unmotivating, and now I have the satisfaction of saying "I'm out Beyotch!!!!". I can't wait, of course I will not say "I'm Out Beyotch!!" to my manager, but something similar to that line of thought.

A New Job

I was scared to death when they told me at my currnet job they were closing down the office. I mean I had just started!!!!!!! I liked it there, or so I thought. Plus it took me a long while to find this job. I was shaking in my boots!!!!!! Well on Friday after going on interviews for about a month. I interviewed with about four companies, one hired me!!!! I am still in insurance, just not doing underwriting. I am now an Account Manager. Nice snazzy title, same pay, so it isn't too glamorous. I start in two weeks. Which is nice since this job is ending, and I don't want to relocate to Simsbury, CT, Alpharetta, GA(even though it is close to Atlanta or Hotlanta, for some reason I can't say "Atlanta" it is always "Hotlanta"), or Maitland, FL. All those these places seem nice I need a pay raise, not a lateral move in order to consider relocation, plus my pay in Simbury, CT could only afford me a studio apartment in a skank area of town. My husband looked at me crazy and told me we are not relocating for your job unless they are paying you six figures. I am no where near six figures, so I guess I get to keep my happy ass here in Dallas :)


The past three days

Sunday I posted that I was miscarrying. I did. The past three days have been pure hell, confusion, and sadness. Sunday after lunch, my cervix was completely dilated and I was hemorrhaging non stop. I went ahead and went and for 6 hours there I sat on a ER table and did the same thing until I passed what was my baby. They made me so angry, they took my baby from all the blood and blood clots and just put my baby in a jar to take to a damn lab. Like it was just some kind of tissue sample. I am still not taking that well at all. They let me out of ER 8 hours later, and on Monday I went to the OBGYN, where obviously all the waiting room was pregnant or had a healthy baby. That made me angry. Apparently she found I was still dilated and ordered a D&C. So at 9:00 Monday night I had "day surgery" I left the hospital at 12 and took the day off from work today since I am suppossed to be on bedrest. I talked to my manager who was really nice and told me to take my time. Needless to say I am numb, I feel empty, and I want to stop hurting physically and emotionally. It hurts so bad to know I don't have my baby anymore.



I think I am having a miscarriage. I was spotting really light all last week and last night I had bright red blood when I went to the bathroom (I know this is graphic, but there is no delicate way to say that). It didn't fill up a pad, but it might as well have. I was so upset I cried pretty much all night last night. I haven't slept well, but the bleeding has stopped. I was suppossed to have my 8 week sonogram to hear the heartbeat and actually see the baby tomorrow, but I don't think that will happen. Instead I will call ahead and see if they want me to come in or just let the baby spontaneously abort naturally . I don't want to see an empty sac tomorrow, that will literally kill me. The worst part is I still have the symptoms of pregnancy: Nauesea, headaches, sore, swollen breasts. I hate it, I hate that I am disappointing my husband, my family, and friends. My husband was so happy when we found out. I have been so happy these past month or so and now it is being taken away, and now I just feel empty. I will hold just a glimmer of hope because I quit spotting that there is still a chance the baby is ok, but damn it hurts so much because I wanted this baby so bad.


Good News, Bad News

It seems everytime I get good news (I am pregnant), I end up getting bad news. Earlier this week on Tuesday, after coming back from a long weekend, I was informed my employer is closing down our office in March 2007. That means within the next eight months I will lose my job. I carry the benefits out of the two of us since I work for insurance companies. Needless to say this sucks pregnant and looking for a job....who will hire me. Since I am only six weeks I can hide it pretty well for at least another couple of months, so I am looking for a job now. I had an interview on Friday that went pretty well, and have a 2nd interview next week for the same job. I also have a recruiter contacting me, so hopefully I will be able to find something quickly and hopefully that employer won't fire me because I am knocked up (or fire me for some thinly veiled reason that is really related to pregnancy).

At least the President of my husband's company is trying to get us coverage so that everyone in the company has insurance benefits. Hopefully this will work out and one concern will be knocked out of the water. Now a cash flow to pay for this kid and nursery and pay off all debt before the kid gets here is the next concern.


The 1st sonogram

I had my first sonogram today, and it was kind of sad. I am only six weeks pregnant. I thought I was 8 weeks, starting 9 weeks. I found out really early I was pregnant. That means as soon as my husband rolled off of me in bed, I figured out I was pregnant. I found out on 07/08 I was knocked up. That means I was only two weeks at the time, damn the new pregnancy tests work really well. I am so nervous and emotional, and I am kind of depressed, because I thought I managed to avoid morning sickness during the pregnancy!!!!! Well on 04/02/2007 (or around about that time) a mini siditty will be born. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Boobs Hurt!!!

I just had to make that announcement you all needed to know. My titties hurt. My breasts are swollen and hurt, with a bra, without a bra. This is to go on for nine months. I don't know if I can do it. I got up out of bed to go to the bathroom, and I swear my boobs feel as if they are ten pounds a piece and hurt like all get out.

On a side note, I made the mistake of watching Birth Day on Discovery Health. I saw a head come out of a woman's twat. I realized at that moment I was going to do that, and I don't think I can. I am keeping the baby in me for as long as possible, I can't have a big old giant head come out of my little twat, I just can't. Please for the love of God can they knock me out or something. That show did convince me I wanted an epidural.

Per the Chinese Calendar, my child will be a girl. Let's see what the Dr. finds out :)


Planned Parenthood

Last Saturday, on a whim I decided to take a pregnancy test. I only did it because my period was all weird, and was not the normal super duper pain cramping period I always have. I took the test and immediately we got the plus. You know the plus that tells you you're pregnant. I am in shock, so I take the other test that came in the two test package. (Yes I buy prenancy tests in bulk) Again another positive result. I call in my husband who shakes his head in disbelief, and then walks around with a shit eating grin on his face the rest of the day. To make sure these two tests are not freaks of nature, we take two more tests, this time different brands to ensure we didn't get some freak pregnancy tests the first time. They are still positive.

Still being in disbelief I am pregnant, we decide to slum it and go to Planned Parenthood. Get a pregnancy test, get STD treatment, get an abortion, Planned Parenthood is a one stop shop. Planned Parenthood itself is a great concept, but in reality most people who go there do not plan their pregnancies, abd ironically my husband was the only male presence in there while there were tons of I am assuming young, single females getting tested for God knows what. I take another test there and dammit it says I am pregnant too. I am 5.3 weeks pregnant as of last monday. The poor Planned Parenthood woman wasn't used to normal people coming in and she asked me did I need Medicaid for my prenatal care. I informed her no, not at this time, and left, knowing for sure I know how to read pregnancy tests now.

Apparently Planned Parenthood has a stigma. When I told my friend I went to Planned Parenthood to confirm my pregnancy,she asked me don't they tell people to get abortions? I told her firmly no, I was not offered an abortion, and that I would not partake in one at this time. I digress.

At this point in my life I assumed I was infertile, we stopped using birth control over two years ago, I was getting ready to get my masters. I have just started a new job. I have been there all of seven weeks, I am already 5 weeks, now 6 weeks pregnant. I can't wait to tell them so they can fire me so they don't have to worry about my disability claim or paying insurance. Yay. I am excited and scared all at the same time, I feel I am so young to have a child, even though my old ass is 30 and should have probably had at least five kids by now.

I also want to note that less than a week before I had been drinking like a lush and playing laser tag. That would make me mother of the year at this point right? I guess I should call CPS on myself at this point.


4 out of 4 tests agree

Siditty is pregnant. Me, siditty, pregnant. I will go to the doctor to confirm it but it seems me and the hubby are pregnant, and I made the mistake of telling my mother who is trying to run my pregnancy via phone. I have no idea what I need to eat, or do, or even how to be a parent. This is so crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please CPS don't take my child(ren) away!!!


The Gangstas of Godwin Park

I just finished reading an article in Texas Monthly called The Gangstas of Godwin Park. The article was about a rich, white, jewish kid who wanted to be gangsta by selling prescription drugs, and got killed. As per usual with all white teenagers who die tragically, he was such a good kid from a good family who got fooled by the wrong crowd. He was such as good kid, he put his arms around people in the hallways "Even the black girls,which a lot of the white boys will not do." Excuse me? What the fuck . Number one Bellaire, TX is full of black and hispanic people, and I am sorry but for the past four hundred, five hundred years white men have been putting their arms, and everything else around black women? What the fuck does that mean? Was the boy such a slut that he decided he was going to "degrade" himself and be seen in public with a black girl? I went to a predominantly white school and many a white boy attempted to put their arms around me, and I managed not to spread my negro disease to them. Geesh.

Why are white people so stupid to assume in this day and age that black people are so unnatural and unattractive that even a white boy in being friendly will have the audacity to touch a black girl. The freaking horror. What makes the story worse is the boy was Jewish and apparently the Jewish community is up in arms over the fact that this story made the news. One person commented that the news should focus on something a bit more urban. Oh yes, let us feed the stereotypes that only black people commit crimes, and only black teens do bad things. They wonder why black people are so angry. This ignorant story and the ignorant people in it are exactly why.



Today my mother called to let me know my grandmother is mentally gone. She is hallucinating about seeing people in her homes. Coming out of her ceiling fans, trying to steal my grandfather's truck, and trying to beat her up. She sees murders happening in her living room. She has had someone (a real person) come in six days a week to help with cooking and cleaning. That is help, but apparently not enough. She is going to go to a nursing home. Thankfully my grandfather is coming with her. My father and uncle are seeking Power of Attorney, to handle her finances since she is overdrawn on her account $800. Apparently she has been writing checks with no money in the account. She is paying for stuff she doesn't need. Now she is asking for a gun so people won't try to beat her up anymore. The only people who have threatened to beat her up are people who don't exist. She has called her neighbors and the police at 1:00 in the morning because she sees people who aren't there.

It is hard to understand how someone so strong, so aware as my grandmother go through this. The saddest part is she is so aware of everything else except this. Ask her about the news, a TV show, or family and friends and she talks as if she is normal. She volunteers this information on her hallucinations as if it is a normal, everyday thing, just like anything else. It scares me how someone like her, can transform to someone who can't take care of herself. She spent her life taking care of everyone else. My father, my uncles, her grandchildren. She IS simply the best grandmother in all the world, the best cook in all the world, and the sweetest woman in all the world. We call her Madea, or Mother Dear. She had a husband(my biological grandfather) who abused her, cheated on her, and had three kids with him, and in the 1950s had the courage to pick up and leave and work two to three jobs as a single mother with three kids. She remarried to my real grandfather, my father's stepfather, and they are together to this day. She put two kids through college, she bought them cars, she spoiled her grandchildren. Her one stray son, who has been addicted to drugs since the 1960's, she took care of way more than she should have. She took care of the children in the neighborhood, always offering a dinner, a snack, or even a place to sleep, and visit. She is simply a truly good and genuine person. I love her so much, and yet regret not spending enough time with her.


Why are children who are in 3rd grade in booster seats?

OK I had a co-worker who had two children. Two little girls, one five, the other eight. I think at six and eight, they are little kids, but definitely not a toddler or a baby. Why is it at lunch I went to her car and saw two car seats in the car. At first I thought maybe they are both physically challenged. They ain't, those children can run and move, I met them, they are sweet as can be and very much the "normal" children we expect. I finally asked her why she has car seats for her kids. I remember me at five going to school without a seat belt in the back of a stationwagon. Safe. She finally told me experts believe children should be in booster seats until they are four feet, nine inches, up to eighty pounds!!!!!!! Hell that knocks out all midgets, and dammit if they child can do division, they are really too old for a car seat. If you can put yourself in the booster seat, you are probably too old for it. Honestly, how did all us kids survive in the back seat just using an adult seat belt. Imagine the embarrassment these children face. All the other kids are taking themselves to school via walking, bike riding, rollerblading, and your mommy is driving up with you in a damn car seat. What the hell, you are going to get picked on all the way to high school. You never had a chance.



Just finished reading about a study on autism in England. It is really interesting to me because it could have a great impact on my own decisions of having a child.

Me and my husband are trying to concieve a child. Scary I know, that I would knowingly want to pro-create looking at all my instability.

One thing that is ALWAYS in the back of my mind is autism. My brother and my cousin both have autism. My brother and cousin are both considered high functioning (meaning they went to school, they both went to community college, can drive, and hold jobs, they lack social skills, and in matter of fact both are considered of normal or above normal intelligence), and my brother has been properly diagnosed with aspergers. They look normal, but they don't necessarily act normal. They have what I call Bobby Boucher symdrome in the fact that they lack the social skills. Which could affect them in getting employment, relationships, etc. I have an inkling that the condition is hereditary looking at my cousin and brother. Let me also add, my grandmother shows classic signs of high functioning autism as well, but was never diagnosed and no one has bothered to ask any questions about it. She might just be weird, but who knows? Or all three instances could be attributed to the fact that they live or were born in Waco aka Wacko, TX. You know it ain't quite right down there. Mostly you look at behaviors, and you see the family tree and you freak out a bit.

The sad thing is, there is a possibility of autism being on my husband's side of the family as well. His father aka my father in law, there is something amiss, but it appears his grandparents or anyone else for that matter has never ever discussed or noticed this issue. Me and my husband notice it, but when we bring it up to his mother, she says "he wasn't like that when we were together" and then proceeds to tell us horror stories proving he acted the same way then, as he does now. Of course her past and present choices in spouses leave us wondering constantly, maybe emotionally she is developmentally delayed in finding normal relationships with normal men and not a bunch of crazy folks. But that is a mother in law issue, which I have a few, mostly stemming from my husband's childhood, who compared to my Cosby like childhood lived like the damn Bundy's from Married With Children.

Between me and my husband, we are screwed genetically, and not just with autism. The poor children will have huge feet, and large hands, yes even our little girl. They have a 50/50 chance of having a pancake booty, and if it is a boy, there is a 50/50 chance of them not being able to grow a goatee that connects to his mustache. There is also a good chance our child will have a big freaky nose, all being my fault. There is also a good chance our child will be fat, but hell that is every child in America these days.

Maybe we shouldn't pro-create, but dammit I want a child so I can buy their clothes at Baby Gap. It also isn't right that my 20 year old brother in law recently became a father, accidentally of course, and he or the mother are not emotionally or financially ready to have the child. If they can, why can't we, after all we are older, and financially better off, and we got lots of love!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe my clock is just ticking, and maybe that is why I want a baby. Maybe it is because my mother, mother in law, and everyone else in the child are pushing for a mulatto grandchild. Who knows?


Interracial Book Review Part 2

OK I just finished reading Renee and Jay 2 by JJ Murray. The book was pretty good, but if you are used to the other JJ Murray stuff, it is a bit harsh. Almost too depressing, this is not a beach read, this is a I am depressed about my lack of love, it is raining outside, I am in my pajamas and I just finished a pint of Haagen-Dazs Dulce De Leche and life will never get better type of book. Depressing, with some slightly funny moments, but books like these I usually expect escapism and it throws me off because it is so different from his other books. This book had my crying and hugging my husband and laying with him all night last night scared to leave his side. I even watched the Mavs (who are going to the finals by the way!!!!!!!!!) game with him.

This tells the story of Renee and Jay, they have had a daughter and their relationship is getting same old, same old. They rekindle their relationship and while this happens life altering events occur. As these life altering events happen, (I don't want to ruin the story) you keep expecting things to get better. It just gets worse. Then you are pushed into ruin and start sobbing uncontrollably.

I did have one problem with the book, there is a selection in which Janae (Jay or Giovanni's and Renee's daughter) is so angry she starts beating the hell out of her momma. No black momma in her right mind, no matter how bad their ten year old is hurting will let that ten year old beat the hell out of them. NEVER. You will calm them down, hug them, but then when fists start flying, momma will whoop that ass. Not to mention the girl is a bit too sassy for her own good, half the things the child says would have gotten me beat by my parents as a child, not seen as cute.

Anyway still a good read, but don't take this on vacation with you unless you are trying to get into a bad mood.

Escapism is good, and this one is a curve ball, it is still good, just expect to cry reading it.

Why is Feminism Bad?

I have an evil secret to tell everyone. I am a feminist. I said it, so shoot me. Do I hate men no? But as soon as I tell anyone this the assumption is I hate men and want to be a lesbian. I don't get it. They assume I don't look like a feminist because I shave my legs, wear dresses, am married happily to my husband, and I ::gasp:: want children and a career. Maybe I am straddling the fence? For years I just thought feminism was theory associated or dealing with women in society. I always felt that women, like minorities were and are not equal in this country. I always assumed wanting equal pay and equal advancement in the workplace was something everyone wanted. A fair and equal chance, but apparently that is bad.

According to some a feminist is being a lesbian, being against marriage, and being a baby killer amongst other things. I personally was a former member of NOW, but there are extremist in every group, which is why I don't like to be grouped. Much like not all black people love Al Sharpton (or feel he is a black leader, which usually white people label him as, whereas black people label him as a James Brown wannabe), not all of us believe being a housewife is bad, or that liking men is a sin against the movement.

There is such a war against "Political Correctness" that it lumps all things into one dirty little package and dismiss it as something awful and something dirty. I will rant about Political Correctness in another entry :)

Anyway being a feminist isn't always a bad thing, and I am curious why people feel that way.


Interracial Book Review

Over the past week or so I have read four books. Yes, I read. It is a hobby I have had since a child. The books I have read in the last week all have the same theme. Interracial relationships dealing with black women and white men. Obviously since I sleep with the enemy, this is of interest to me. Of the four books I read, one was pretty good, two were just OK, and one complete crap. I won't mention the crap book because I want to be positive. OK I will get in a jab or two because it is a pet peeve. I hate the word conversate. I hate that people even use the word converse. It shouldn't be in a published book. Another pet peeve, not to the authors, but to the publishing company, there should not be 18 million typos in a book that is published nationally, or even globally. Blogs don't count :)

The first OK book I read was Three Wishes by Seressia Glass. The book was the typical romance, and a light read. This is a great vacation book to read while on a plane, by the pool, or on the beach. The book is about a bi-racial (Asian and Black) divorcee who wishes to have a child, but finds she can't. She meets and becomes friends and more with her widowed next door white male neighbor, who is a doctor, and has a seven year old child. Needless to say the book is a bit predictable,but has a few twists that keep you reading and keep things interesting. Even though it is predictable it is very enjoyable and well written.

The next OK book was At Last by Lisa Riley. The book's heroine Caroline is a smart successful artist from a wealthy family who ends up falling up love with her boss Brian. Though the two feel meant for each other there is internal and external conflict that tries to tear them apart. Well written, and lots of twists, but unfortunately the twists are the problem. There is way too much twisting, to the point where the ending was a cliff hanger and ultimately left me with questions that I felt went unanswered in the book. Otherwise the book was a great read, again another vacation book. A great page turner that was a fun read overall.

The great book was Renee and Jay by J.J. Murray. Now let me preface this by saying I have read other books by Mr. Murray including Something Real and Original Love. Now I liked Original Love ok, but I was a big fan of Something Real, and Renee and Jay, his debut novel is my favorite of the three. I enjoyed every page. It was funny, touching, and insightful. I really enjoy the way Mr. Murray uses the point of view of a black woman to tell the story in both Something Real and Renee and Jay. Renee and Jay is an ode to his wife, who I am sure is all the envy of all her friends to have a man so in love with her, but I am not jealous. Whatever!!!! The story of Renee and Jay is one of a woman in conflict with her heart and her brain. She learns how to cope with her feelings for an Italian man in Roanoke, VA, and her family, friends, and even strangers will cope with her relationship. Overall I loved this book. Apparently the book was popular enough to warrant a Renee and Jay 2, but the book has sold out, don't fret though, if you need to read it you can contact Mr. Murray at his web site, and he will send you a copy of Renee and Jay 2 via MS Word. How awesome is that?


What High Schooler Was I? This is so on Point

Take the What High School
Stereotype Are You?

Getting to know siditty

Q: Age?
A: 30 as of 02/18. Just in case you want to buy me a birthday present.

Q: Political Leanings?
A: Liberal, and I make no apologies.

Q: Race
A: Yaphet Kotto Black

Q: Gender
A: Female

Q: Straight or Gay
A: Straight, but the lesbians love me dammit!!

Q: What do you like to rant about?
A: Politics, Movies, Music, Pop culture, News, Race as of late.

Q: If you had to change your first name right now, what name would you choose for yourself?
A: Nina, or something traditionally exotic, not exotic as in DeShalikamelikamoesha, but exotic none the less.

Q: What is your hometown/town of birth?
A: Beaumont, TX

Q: Where do you currently reside
A: Dallas, TX area

Q: What do you do?
A: I am an Account Specialist at an insurance company :)

Q: What is your hair color?
A: Black

Q: Have you loved somebody so much it made you cry?
A: Yes

Q: Of all of the books you were assigned to read when you were in school, what are your favorites?
A: 1984, to Kill a Mockingbird, Animal Farm.

Q: If you could have any kind of a job in the entertainment industry, what do you think you would do best?
A: I guess goofy sidekick on some cheesy sitcom, I could be the token black girl with the witty urban one liners?

Q: Have you ever had a pet that was not a cat or dog? What was it?
A: Yes, a turtle I caught in a creek and kept in my dad's cooler. I had him for one week before my dad needed his cooler back.

Q: What was the last song you sang when no one else was around?
A: Sour Times-Portishead

Q: What are 3 of your favorite TV shows?
A: In no particular order
1. Lost
2. The Office British and American Versions
3.Golden Girls, don't laugh, that ain't funny. I have a lot in common with old white women in Miami.

Q: Who or what kind of person do you want to spend your life with?
A: My husband , he is the most caring, wonderful, and patient man in the world. He is also hot!!!

Q: First thing you notice about the opposite (or same) sex?
A: Eyes, usually.

Q: Where and what would you rather be doing right now?
A: Some place tropical, Playa Del Carmen, Key West, on a beach, reading a book, and vegging out.

Q: What is your favorite kind of music?
A: There is way too much to even categorize. At 14 my favorite band became the Pixies. It still is to this day. But I love some Fishbone, Arcade Fire, The Dears, She Wants Revenge, New Order, the Cure, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Massive Attack, Goapele, Maxwell, Kem, Bjork, Portishead (Beth Gibbons), Handsome Boy Modeling School, Mogwai, Shout Out Louds way too much and too vast to categorize.

Q: Croutons or bacon bits?
A: Bacon, I need a coronary with my salad.

Q: What are your favorite sports to watch
A: ::Gag:: sports.

Q: What is your preferred ice cream
A: Cold Stone Creamery Germanchökolätekäke, no coconut, or Blue Bell Pralines and Cream

Q: Which single store would you choose to max out your credit cards?
A: Target, groceries, beer, clothes, stationary, books, and electronics. I am through.

Q: What do you do most often when you are bored?
A: TV, read, or play Sims

Q: Name the person you are friends with that lives the farthest away?
A: Alberto-Italy

Q: Last movie you saw in theater?
A: An American Haunting

Q: If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
A: Violet Blue

Q: Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?
A: I went to San Antonio, but I would have rather went to Jamaica.

Q: What's your favorite sport and/or hobby?
A: Reading

Q: What scares you?
A: Death, ignorance, and Scientology (those folks are crazy)

Q: What is the best day of the year?
A: Christmas-presents, food, family.

Q: Do you like to dance?
A: Yes.

Q: Have you ever been in love? Are you now? If not, do you want to be?
A: Yes. Yes.

Q: Hugs or Kisses?
A: Both

Q: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
A: Lose a ton of weight.

Q: Where would you like to retire?
A: In Playa del Carmen.

Q: What is your favorite movie?
A: No particular order: Kill Bill, Imitation of Life, The Wiz, The Wizard of Oz, High Fidelity, Metropolis, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Q: What's your favorite color?
A: I don't have one, I guess blue or green.

Q: What's your favorite flower?
A: Lillies of any type.

Q: What is a personality trait in others that really irritates you?
A: one uppers, the idiot that feels he knows everything, but really knows nothing.

On the job front

I have a new job. Yes again. This time a permanent gig. I got a job in inusrance again, but ina different role thank God. I will get paid real money again!!! Of course I did work for CPS for one week, but that was pure scary. The cubicles were nice, as were the computers, but homeless people selling me chicken in the parking lot, not so much. Also it bothered me they asked my geographic preference. I live North East of Dallas, they placed me South West of Dallas. Not convenient at all. Then I was through with them talking about me picking up children in the middle of the night full of lice in my car and using my minutes on my cell phone, I was through and had to walk away. I was using that job until I got my teaching gig anyway :) But for right now I am trying out the insurance thing and hopefully I will do great at it. At least I hope to.

Black Girls Don't Get Raped or Exploited

I have been looking at the news and reading about the Duke Rape Case. You know the stripper girl who is accusing the Duke Lacrosse team of rape. Apparently per the media, the girl has no evidence to suggest she was raped. No DNA, this is just a story of poor, innocent, white boys getting their face plastered all over the media based upon her lies. Every time I see this shit, it pisses me off. A white girl goes missing or gets molested, we are supposed to care. A black girl gets raped, goes missing, or gets molested, either she made it up or she was doing something she shouldn't have. The media is under the impression black girls don't get raped.

Case and point of innocent white girl: Natalie HollowayThe media portrays this story as an innocent white girl who goes to Aruba and ends up missing. At first two black men are accused of kidnapping her. Their faces are plastered all over the news, because obviously they are the guilty and no one peeps a word except to condemn and wish them harm. These men are later found innocent and nothing is said or done to correct the wrongs done to these men. The media runs with the story of two black men kidnapping the all american white girl, but say nothing of their innocence. I guess the thought is big black men want innocent white girls so much, they are willing to commit crimes to get them.

The real story: White girl is drinking and following around and making out with strange white island boy and ends up missing. Her ass was going off with complete strangers while abroad. Hello?!?!? Did anyone see Hostel? Messing with complete strangers on a strange island while drinking underage is never safe. The media makes it seem as if she was innocent while down there, when in reality, she was doing an underage version of Girls Gone Wild. When I go to Mexico, I am pure tourist, I don't need to explore the "native" side of Mexico, I want to be disillusioned and drink my margarita on the beach. Me and all my American cohorts speak English and go to Senor Frogs. It is just safer that way.

Next case of innocent white girl Elizabeth Smart. Media take: A little white girl is abducted by laborer who forces her to become his Mormon child wife, is found, and then returns to her family. My take: This girl was abducted, yes that is sad, that is wrong, and may the man who did this suffer for his crime, but the child was out in public places with the man and his "wife" who abducted her and says nothing for months. Let me get abducted and have the opportunity to go out in public. I would be the crazy black woman saying whatever I could to get noticed. It wouldn't take months to get reunited with my family, it would take minutes of me out in public to tell anyone and everyone.

The black women or children who get media attention for crimes against them. They are few, and tend to never be innocent. Tawana Brawley, case dismissed. Duke stripper girl, who well per Rush Limbaugh was a "ho" so it shouldn't matter if she got raped or not. The players used condoms so there was no DNA, and plus she was drunk. All of R. Kelly's victims. They wanted fame, they wanted money, and who cares if they were underage, they came from poor neighborhoods and this was probably their best opportunity (I actually heard this from a midday DJ in Dallas).

Apparently black women are hyper sexual beings for the sole purpose to get men off sexually.

Per the media there is no way a black woman could be raped. We like sex a lot, apparently with strange men. Rape has never been an issue for black women, there is no way a black woman could be raped, after all they are black, and there are plenty of white women to want and desire.

I am just tired of the stereotypes. If we aren't fat and overweight and full of attitude, we are over sexed whores looking to please all that are willing. I don't get it, why in this day and age we have this nonsense. White women are still on a pedestal and black women are still being thrown under the bus. We never get raped, we never are harmed, and if we are, more than likely it is our fault. Especially when the accusers are white.


My Hating White Folks Phase

I am in my hate white people mode right now. I don't understand them, I never will. Just when I think not all white people are bad, one of them just says something to me which pisses me the fuck off. Perfect example. We had dinner last night with some friends. They are a couple, one hispanic, one white. The one white joked her neighbor indicated she can now apply for affirmative action now she is marrying a hispanic. Hello you fucking assholes! FYI WHITE WOMEN are protected under affirmative action. They have been since the inception of affirmative action, and are the major benefactors of Affirmative Action. As well as welfare, but that is another point. I don't think this comment alone would have pissed me off, if not for a conversation we had a while back ago in which we were talking about me going into teaching in DISD, and which she said her white ass couldn't teach there because they would eat her ass alive. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The black and hispanic children of the crappy DISD public school system wouldn't give her ass the time of day. Hello they are openly admitting they are trying to diversify their staff since people of color and MEN are under represented. Then there was the comment about her man needing sex because he was latin!!!!!!! I guess me husband is latin because he needs sex too, even though he is paler and whiter than the average white person.

I guess what really hurts is once again my husband is telling me it is just a joke. I am sick of "jokes" especially from white people. I have heard these "jokes" all my life and it is old. I can't expect him to understand. After all us sensitive darkies are just looking for something for free and trying to take control of the white race in america so we can do what they did to us aka slavery. As if we give a damn to do that, but rather want to be treated equal and not like criminals and welfare types.



I no longer grade papers, I know work for CPS. Yeah CPS, Child Protective Services. I am Protecting Children. In the ghetto. I have to run to and from my car to avoid beggars and criminals. I am not pregnant, and I have lost almost 20 pounds on Weight Watchers. Life is good.

This test is so on point....and so tells you I am a child of the 80's

Which John Cusack Are You?


Why can people like this pro-create, but others of us who have common sense can't?!?!?!?

This woman finds out her son is being molested by a neighbor, she doesn't turn the neighbor in, instead she pimps her 7 year old son for $600, letting the man pay her off, and continue to molest her son. I hope that $600 bucks goes a long way, because in prison she isn't going to be able to spend it so freely.

This is just sick.


Nicholas Quiles is accused of paying off a mother so that he could molest her 7-year-old son

Police: Mother Takes $600 To Let Man Molest Son

POSTED: 1:28 pm EST March 31, 2006

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. -- Police in New Port Richey say that a molestation case in that city had a particularly disturbing twist.

Investigators said a woman heard that a man that lived across the street from her home had molested her 7-year-old son. Police said she went to the house to confront Nicholas Quiles, and instead ended up taking $600 as a payoff for agreeing to allow him to continue to assault her son.

Both Quiles and the woman have been arrested.

Since he was charged, Local 10 learned that Quiles was once employed by the state Department of Children and Families.

Copyright 2006 by Local10.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Finally Some Common Sense!!!!

This should have happened a while ago.http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060404/ap_on_el_ho/delay&printer=1;_ylt=AulBLl6Iba09Fjxhy1Sn28Nh24cA;_ylu=X3oDMTA3MXN1bHE0BHNlYwN0bWE-

Tom DeLay Plans to Resign From Congress

By DAVID ESPO, AP Special Correspondent 2 minutes ago

Succumbing to scandal, former Majority Leader Tom Delay intends to resign from Congress within weeks, closing out a career that blended unflinching conservatism with a bare-knuckled political style.

Republican officials said Monday night they expect the Texan to quit his seat later this spring. He was first elected in 1984, and conceded he faced a difficult race for re-election.

"He has served our nation with integrity and honor," said Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, who succeeded DeLay in his leadership post earlier this year.

But Democrats said the developments marked more than the end to one man's career in Congress.

"Tom DeLay's decision to leave Congress is just the latest piece of evidence that the Republican Party is a party in disarray, a party out of ideas and out of energy," said Bill Burton, a spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

A formal announcement of DeLay's plans was expected Tuesday at a news conference in Houston.

DeLay is under indictment in Texas as part of an investigation into the allegedly illegal use of funds for state legislative races.

Separately, the Texan's ties with lobbyist Jack Abramoff caused him to formally surrender his post as majority leader in January, within days after the lobbyist entered into a plea bargain as part of a federal congressional corruption probe.

More recently, former DeLay aide Tony Rudy said he had conspired with Abramoff and others to corrupt public officials, and he promised to help the broad federal investigation of bribery and lobbying fraud that already has resulted in three convictions.

Neither Rudy, Abramoff nor anyone else connected with the investigation has publicly accused DeLay of breaking the law, but Rudy confessed that he had taken actions while working in the majority leader's office that were illegal.

DeLay has consistently denied all wrongdoing, and he capped a triumph in a contested GOP primary earlier this year with a vow to win re-election.

In an interview Monday with The Galveston County Daily News in Texas, DeLay said his change of mind was based partly on a poll taken after the March Republican primary that showed him only narrowly ahead of Democrat Nick Lampson.

"Even though I thought I could win, it was a little too risky," the paper quoted him as saying.

In a separate interview with Time Magazine, DeLay says he plans to make his Virginia condominium his primary residence, a step that will disqualify him from the ballot in Texas and permit GOP officials there to field a replacement candidate. "I can do more on the outside of the House than I can on the inside right now. I want to continue to fight for the conservative cause. I want to continue to work for a Republican majority," DeLay told the magazine for its online edition.

It was not clear Monday night whether Texas Gov. Rick Perry would call a special election to fill out the unexpired portion of DeLay's term, or whether the seat would remain vacant until it is filled in November.

Either way, DeLay's concern about the potential loss of a Houston-area seat long in Republican hands reflected a deeper worry among GOP strategists. After a dozen years in the majority, they face a strong challenge from Democrats this fall, at a time when President Bush's public support is sagging, and when the Abramoff scandal has helped send congressional approval ratings tumbling.

Until scandal sent him to the sidelines, DeLay had held leadership posts since the Republicans won control of the House in a 1994 landslide. At first, he had to muscle his way to the table, defeating then-Speaker Newt Gingrich's handpicked candidate to become whip.

But DeLay quickly established himself as a forceful presence — earning a nickname as "The Hammer" — and he easily became majority leader when the spot opened up.

He sat at the nexus of legislation, lobbying, political campaigns and money.

And while he was a conservative, he raised millions of dollars for the campaigns of fellow House Republicans regardless of their ideology, earning their gratitude in the process.

He supported tax cuts, limits on abortions, looser government regulation of business and other items on the conservative agenda, and he rarely backed down.

DeLay was the driving force behind President Clinton's impeachment in 1999, weeks after Republicans lost seats at the polls in a campaign in which they tried to make an issue of Clinton's personal behavior.

His trademark aggressiveness helped trigger his downfall, when he led a drive to redraw Texas' congressional district boundaries to increase the number of seats in GOP hands.

The gambit succeeded, but DeLay was soon caught up in an investigation involving the use of corporate funds in the campaigns of legislators who had participated in the redistricting.

He attacked prosecutor Ronnie Earle as an "unabashed partisan zealot," and said numerous times he hoped to clear himself of the charges quickly and renew his claim to the majority leader's office.

The trial has yet to begin.



Working still as a scorer for the TAKS test. Will take TeXES test in two weeks. Trying to find a better paying job until I start teaching. Husband got new job. We are poor, if I don't find a job soon I can kiss Playa Del Carmen good bye.

I will write in more detail now:

I am a scorer and grade papers for TAKS, the exam taken by all children in Texas and it required in order to graduate from High School. I fear for the children of America. I grade the 9th grade and it is scary what passes. Of course the grading requirements are so bizarre, I wonder if the TEA is full of people who have their head up their asses.

Anyway it is a very weird place with weird people. I see all kinds of Asperger and high functioning autistic folks in there. I also see bitter ex-school teachers and retirees. It is such a fun place :) Anyway I go there to socialize and find myself being sick at least once a week. I am sure this place is going to call me back for more projects since I am taking it so seriously :) I talk all day to my neighbor an indonesian chinese man who lived in a Muslim country, had a Muslim name, but is Chinese and also had a chinese name, and he was born a Buddhist, but now is a Catholic. His orginal birth certifcate he only had his Muslim first name, and they would not allow him to use his last name because it is Chinese, so his government name according to the us is his Muslim First Name twice. His name for example (not his real name) is shown as Abdullah Abdullah. Yeah I talk way too much to find out so much :) In between talking to Abdullah Abdullah, I pass notes with a girl who is 22 were we talk about the gossip of the day. For a short term project so much stuff goes on.

There are also love connections going on throughout the grading room. One wonders if any grading is going on at all. There is a lot of getting up to answer cell phones to conduct phone interviews with real employers.

The problem is they treat us as high school students a 30 minute lunch, two 15 minute breaks, that is it. Reading the crap these kids are writing, we should need an hour break away from the computer, and we should be paid at least twice as much. I am delirious by the time the day is over. This is mind numbing. But oh well. It is temporary and gives me extra cash :) I think I have ADD, I just can't sit at a desk all day doing repetitive stuff. I just can't.


What the F*$% is wrong with Texas, damn it makes me ashamed.

Why is it Texas is so obsessed with famous republicans, they will put a crook in the U.S. House. It is a damn shame. Yet those idiots who probably voted for him called Clinton a crook all 8 years of office, and voted for the current idiot who, when he was governor confirmed and put the education system in the toilet, and again ensured the companies received tax breaks, and maintained the poor being poor. Great!!!!!!

Rep. Tom DeLay Wins Texas Primary

By WENDY BENJAMINSON, Associated Press Writer1 hour, 43 minutes ago

In his first election since he was indicted and forced to step aside as majority leader, Rep. Tom DeLay held off three challengers to keep the Republican nomination to the U.S. House. Now he faces what many consider the real contest — a general election fight against an organized, well-funded Democrat with a score to settle.

Nick Lampson, who was unopposed in Tuesday's primary, represented a district adjacent to DeLay's for four terms until it was redrawn in a redistricting plan engineered by DeLay. Lampson lost in 2004 to Republican Ted Poe.

DeLay, 58, held on to his ballot position by avoiding public discussions of his considerable political problems — a felony money-laundering indictment, close ties to lobbyist Jack Abramoff and the loss of his leadership position.

Instead, DeLay campaigned at carefully orchestrated events, avoided direct interviews with reporters and largely focused on his hometown of Sugar Land. It paid off with a 2-to-1 victory margin over lawyer Tom Campbell, who had ties to the first President Bush's administration, and two other candidates.

"That was an effective strategy to get through the primary," said political scientist Cal Jillson of Southern Methodist University in Dallas. "But in the general election, he'll have to face Lampson and Steve Stockman, as well as the press, both local and national."

Stockman, a former Republican congressman, is considering running as an independent.

"Democrat attacks and the politics of personal destruction were heavily used by my opponents in this Republican primary, and they were rejected just like they will be in November," DeLay said in a statement.

Lampson spent the primary campaign season raising money in the Houston-area district, building support in Washington and around the country from Democrats who saw the first chance in 22 years to unseat the embattled DeLay. Lampson raised $2 million, about what it cost DeLay to keep the nomination.

He told supporters that he was a man with "thick skin and hard hands" ready to take on DeLay.

"Tom DeLay gets headlines for all the wrong reasons," he said. "Well, I'm looking forward to that headline on November 8th — No Further DeLay."

DeLay was indicted last year and is awaiting trial on charges that he illegally funneled corporate donations to GOP candidates for the Texas House in 2002. The Republicans won a majority in the Legislature that year, and then pushed through DeLay's congressional redistricting plan that sent more Republicans to Washington in 2004.

DeLay also has come under scrutiny over his ties to Abramoff, who pleaded guilty to fraud in January and is cooperating in an investigation of influence-peddling on Capitol Hill.

A former Democratic congressman from Houston won the right to challenge Republican Gov. Rick Perry in a state where the GOP holds every statewide office.

Chris Bell prevailed over Bob Gammage, a former Texas Supreme Court justice who jumped into the race in December after a decade out of politics. Perry won his primary easily, collecting 85 percent of the vote against three little-known opponents.

Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn and musician Kinky Friedman are each seeking about 45,000 signatures from voters who do not vote in the primary to get onto the fall ballot.

In another congressional contest, freshman Rep. Henry Cuellar took the edge in a rematch with Democrat Ciro Rodriguez, who served seven years on Capitol Hill before losing to Cuellar in 2004.

With 69 percent of precincts reporting, Cuellar had 16,705 votes, or 49 percent, to Rodriguez's 15,408 votes, or 45 percent. With no Republican running in the district, the winner will take the seat.

Texas law mandates a runoff if no candidate gets 50 percent plus one. If necessary, the runoff would be held April 11.

Houston lawyer Barbara Radnofsky, a political newcomer, headed to a runoff against a perennial Democratic candidate Gene Kelly in a bid to challenge popular Republican U.S. Senate Kay Bailey Hutchison.

At least two veterans of the Iraq war are running for Congress from Texas. David T. Harris, a Democrat, is expected to take on Rep. Joe Barton (news, bio, voting record) in November, and Van Taylor, a Republican, won the nomination to go up against Democratic Rep. Chet Edwards (news, bio, voting record) in the Crawford-area district that includes President Bush's ranch.


Associated Press writers Juan A. Lozano in Stafford, Texas, and Pam Easton in Houston contributed to this report.


Embarrassed but telling you anyway

I was watching Starting Over and cried like a baby simply because Jill graduated from the house. I was crying as if I damn well was on Starting Over and done all the crap she had to. I was blubbering like a damn baby. It is my Lifetime moment of the day.


Meanwhile on the job front.

I had another interview yesterday for a full time job in which everyone seemed excited to have me. Still in insurance, just a different segment, and I think it went well. I have to go back in for testing. They want me to start the first full week of March. I think I have a really good chance of making it, because this is a group hire. If I get in, I will jump for joy, and then make a very critical decision to decide if I want to teach or stay in insurance. I don't really know what I should do. I guess I will cross that bridge, when I get to it. I really hope this is a situation of when it rains, it pours.


I kinda have a job?

So yesterday I did three in person and one phone interview. One of the jobs is a temp job, but a job none the less until I find something. I got that job. They just wanted someone with a degree, and that was pretty much it!!! I am now a scorer, grading the TAKS test (Texas Assesment of Knowledge and Skills), which is the standardized test Texas students must take in order to graduate from high school. The interview process was long, but hey it will allow me to quit balancing my check book in the meantime. I can go shopping again without feeling guilty!!! Hopefully it will allow me to work until the Teaching Alternative Certification starts, or I can find a more permanent job elsewhere :). The cool thing is if this works out, in the summer I will be able to grade SAT and ACT test scores and I can do that from home, which means evenings, which means I will be making money while in the Teaching program!!! Yay!!!!!!!!! I really hopes this works out :).


God if you can't tell I was the token black girl by now, this will definitely confirm it

Black-Eyed Susan
You are Black-Eyed Susan. Laid back, aloof,
nothing bothers you at all.
Which solo Morrissey song are you?
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I turned 30 and I still don't know a damn thing

Last Saturday, I turned 30 years old. I am 30 damn years old. I have left my 20s and that just sucks. I will get over it though. Everyone keeps telling me 30 is oh so wonderful, and I will enjoy them way more than my 20s because I will be more comfortable with myself. That is a joke. Lets do a quick overview:

Being as big as I am, I am never comfortable with myself, ever. I don't have to shop exclusively at the big girl stores, but lets face it Banana Republic and White House Black Market are way out of my reach. I am working on it, but I am far from comfortable inmy own skin, and have fears of heart attacks any minute now.

I am currently jobless, that is right, I am currently playing house wifey. Interviews have been coming, but nothing materializes, ever. It really kind of sucks. I guess I sound like a white girl on the phone and then people end up with Mo'Nique in person, it throws people off, that and the fact that I am not applying to work as a clerical or customer service rep, but rather a professional job, god forbid fat black women get decent jobs. I am acutally trying to prepare to become a teacher with an alternative teaching certification program. Teachers are needed everywhere in Texas and it seems, the programs are popping up left and right. But right now professionally I am not comfortable.

My final role of being uncomfortable comes with the fact I have yet to produce the eagerly anticipated grandchild. People are starting to ask, after all me and my husband have been together three years, but no baby. We are trying, it just isn't happening. We have tried for over a year now and nothing, nada zip. Again this does have to do with my weight, and I am working on it.

The only thing I am comfortable about at 30 is I know nothing and have grasped nothing. I have hoping I can get comfortable soon, because being old and uncomfortable does not feel good at all.


My husband again shows me I don't deserve him. He is absolutely the best man ever. I am not saying that just because he got me flowers either :) Posted by Picasa


I went to see Something New yesterday, and I thought overall it was cute. Of course I can relate, except my husband is not a gardener, but a computer programmer, and I am currently unemployed, so he is definitely carrying the weight. But I remember the initial adjustment of learning to talk about race with him and hope he understood. He does thankfully, but it was definitely an adjustment, that and bringing him around the family and hoping no one would say anything crazy to him.  Posted by Picasa

Ed Wuncler the III aka Eddie Posted by Picasa

Eddie and Gin Rummy close up shots. Thanks to the Republic of T for the great pics!!! Posted by Picasa

Feeling Guilty, But Then Again I'm Not........

I am feeling guilty because I am happy as hell my brother in law(I guess half brother in law) is leaving our house in four days to go back to live with his fat racist father who hasn't had a legitimate job in over 20 years and clown looking step mother who still sports stirrup pants and a curly perm(white people jheri curl) in Missouri. He was moved from there in November. This boy is 19 and moved in with us right before xmas after him and his girlfriend broke up (incidentally after they found out she was pregnant, that is a whole other post in itself) so he could go back to school and get a better job. Simple enough, or so we though.

The rules were clean up after yourself, be in school, work. We got him a prepaid cell phone so he could call folks and have a phone for an emergency. I printed out and downloaded application for him to work as a detention officer for the local counties and cities. I made sure he filled them out and mailed them and faxed them for him. I got all his FAFSA paperwork filled out for him, enrolled him in school, and told him to go to the financial aide office to get a Stafford Loan. He waited until two days before school started to do this and couldn't get a loan in time.

He then proceeded to ask me and my husband for money for school, we said no. In the time he moved in he was working full time, albeit at the 7-11, it was full time and since he had no rent he should have been able to scrounge up at least $400 dollars, but he didn't, he was too busy trying to be "pimp", as he would put it (when you think of my brother in law, think of a fat Eddie and Gin Rummy from the Boondocks). He promised he could pay us back within the next two weeks and give us extra money with interest. Mind you, the boy has two loans with us he has "defaulted" on and one loan that was "forgiven".

The very next week after he asks us for the money we did not give him, he went out and purchased a "new" car, a 2003 Ford Mustang, over doubling his car payment and upping his car insurance. He was talking about how broke he always was. He blatantly admitted he couldn't afford the car and to live on his own.

He then decided he wanted a career in the fast food industry since he had previous experience. He applied for a shift manger job at Taco Bell. They told him he should apply for Assistant Manager. He did, but then he made the mistake of telling them it would be a step back to be just shift manager and he should definitely be assistant manager. He also told him he was in school. That would have been fine if he was going for a job with a future, but this is dead end fast food!!! You ain't got no future there!!! He was told by the guy interviewing him that why should he hire him if he is just going to leave. The fast food mentality at it's finest. To better yourself with an education would interfere with your slave hours slinging tacos, we can't have that!!!!!!!

Needless to say he felt he didn't' get the job, and now he is going back up to Missouri to live with his daddy again, who has promised him the world again, so that he can fufill his dream of becoming a police officer again. In November he came back here because he couldn't stand it up there and his girlfriend didn't get along with his dad (surprise, surprise). He also mentioned the job situtation as bleak and there was nothing there. He most prestigious job was working at KFC, even though he did apply for a job as a bouncer at a strip club (classy). He has lived with his mother, moved out on his own for one month with his girlfriend (where they broke their lease), moved back with his mother, then moved out to live with his father, then with his girlfriends parents (previous to breaking up of course because she got pregnant), then me and my husband. All in a span of six months.

I smell a moocher, the sad thing is, he thinks everyone around him is to stupid to figure out his game. It only took us a week. Hell it took me a day. The first day he comes to the house he calls asking me why we don't have long distance on our regular phone (we do, but you have to use a code to access it). I asked him how he knew we didn't have long distance, and busted his ass trying to run up my phone bill. He tried the first week to go out to eat with us every time we went out to eat, so that we would pay for him.

It is time for this boy to go, I am going crazy with him in this house walking around asking "what's crackalackin" and referring to himself in the 3rd person. It is time to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Vice President Done Popped a Cap in Some Guy's Ass!!!!!!!

Dick Cheney has gone straight up gangsta. His ass done popped a cap in some old lawyers ass while hunting. How is that for gun control. If that ain't proof the man is ailing and probably about to Ronald Reagan (become senile), I don't know what is.

VP shoots hunting partner in accident

Austin lawyer hospitalized after being sprayed with birdshot

11:46 PM CST on Sunday, February 12, 2006

By DAVID McLEMORE and CHRISTY HOPPE / The Dallas Morning News

A prominent Austin lawyer remained hospitalized in stable condition Sunday after he was accidentally shot by Vice President Dick Cheney during a South Texas quail hunt.

Harry Whittington, 78, a millionaire civil attorney known as a tenacious battler not afraid to fight City Hall, was being treated in the intensive care unit at a Corpus Christi hospital after he was sprayed with birdshot during an incident at the Armstrong Ranch in Kenedy County on Saturday.

Harry Whittington, shown in this 2005 photo, was hit in the cheek, neck and chest.

"He is stable and doing well. It was almost like he was spending time with me in my living room," said hospital administrator Peter Banko.

Mr. Banko said Mr. Whittington was in the intensive care unit because his condition warranted it, but he didn't elaborate. Mr. Whittington sent word through a hospital official that he would have no comment on the incident out of respect for Mr. Cheney, 65.

Sally Whittington, Mr. Whittington's daughter, said she got a call from her mother, Mercedes, Saturday night indicating that her father had been shot.

"They were very quiet and didn't want to say anything about [Mr.] Cheney," she said, adding that the vice president visited her father Sunday morning.

"He feels so bad," said Ms. Whittington. "He's a very accomplished hunter. He was obviously relieved to see how well my father was doing."

The vice president and his wife returned to Washington on Sunday afternoon.

The vice president's press secretary, Lea Anne McBride, said Mr. Cheney "was pleased to see that he's doing fine and in good spirits."

Saturday afternoon

The shooting incident occurred about 5:30 p.m. Saturday on the sprawling 50,000-acre ranch just south of Sarita in deep South Texas.

There was no immediate reason given as to why the incident wasn't reported until Sunday.

"Harry was about 100 yards away, looking for a lost bird," said Ms. Armstrong, who attended the hunt. "The vice president and another hunter had moved on toward another covey of quail.

"But Harry came up behind the vice president's party and didn't announce himself," she said. "The vice president was following the birds as he swung around and hit Harry. It's just good hunting protocol to let the other hunters know where you are."

Mr. Whittington was sprayed in the face, neck and upper chest with 28-gauge birdshot, Ms. Armstrong said. "He wasn't hit in the eyes or anything. It just knocked him down, but he never lost consciousness."

And medical attention was prompt.

"The vice president travels with a medical team, and they went to work immediately," Ms. Armstrong said. "The vice president was very concerned and very helpful. But Harry was in good spirits when the helicopters came to take him to the hospital."

Mr. Whittington was flown by medical helicopter first to Kingsville, then to the hospital in Corpus Christi.

A friend who has talked to family members said that Mr. Whittington was hit by about 50 birdshot pellets. Mr. Whittington underwent surgery Sunday morning to remove some of the pellets, and doctors have told his family that the shot apparently did not damage any major organs.

The hunters were wearing bright orange vests, Ms. Armstrong said. And Mr. Cheney had a valid hunting license, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Ms. Whittington got to see her father Sunday afternoon after the surgery. She said her father's face, "looks like chicken pox, kind of." She said that he was sitting up telling jokes. "He is so lucky, it's a miracle," she said.

She said her father doesn't recall much of the incident other than it was sunset and he thinks that maybe the setting sun may have made him difficult to spot by the other hunters.

"He is very, very lucky that nothing seriously was injured," she said, adding that Mr. Whittington will be out of ICU by today and that he is being observed because of swelling from some of the welts on his neck.

"It was accidental, a hunting accident," said Ramon Salinas III, Kenedy County sheriff, adding that the Secret Service notified him Saturday of the incident. "They did what they had to according to law."

President Bush, who was at the White House over the weekend, was informed about the incident after it happened Saturday by Chief of Staff Andrew Card and Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and was updated on Sunday, press secretary Scott McClellan said.

Previous hunts

It's not the first time the vice president's hunts have resulted in controversy.

In 2003, animal rights advocates denounced as slaughter a pheasant hunt by Mr. Cheney, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and a handful of other Texas Republicans who killed hundreds of the birds at a private game reserve in Pennsylvania. The birds had been released from nets.

And in 2004, a brouhaha ensued over a Cheney duck hunting trip in Louisiana with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

The two men are friends and hunting buddies, but some legal scholars questioned the propriety of the trip because the high court had just agreed to hear the vice president's appeal of a spat over his involvement in administration energy policy.

Justice Scalia denied any conflict of interest or other wrongdoing.

The president himself had his own hunting incident, although not as serious a mishap. In 1994, when he was running for governor against then-incumbent Ann Richards, Mr. Bush went dove hunting for the cameras in Hockley, northwest of Houston, and shot what he thought was a dove.

The one bird he did hit turned out to be the protected killdeer. He reported the incident to the local game warden and paid a $130 fine.

The vice president is an avid fisherman and hunter, pursuing quail, pheasant, ducks, doves and other wildlife. His personal travel schedules are not disclosed in advance by the White House, and many times residents learn of his arrival when Air Force Two touches down at a local airport.

He travels to the Armstrong Ranch about once a year to hunt and is a "very safe sportsman," Ms. Armstrong said.

Mr. Whittington is also an avid hunter, but this appears to be the first time he and the vice president have hunted together, Ms. Armstrong said.

"This is not something you ever want to see happen, but the press has made a lot more of it than it actually is," Ms. Armstrong said. "I've been shot with birdshot myself."

Mr. Whittington, a Republican, has been a prominent lawyer in Austin and has been a trusted confidant of Govs. Bill Clements and George W. Bush, who called upon him to tackle troubled agencies.

He has gained a reputation as a person of integrity who can patch problems.

In the 1980s, he was a reformer appointed to the Texas Board of Corrections during a time federal courts had taken over the prison system after declaring it unconstitutional. The board was overseeing a state prison system that lacked basic medical care, subjected offenders to brutal punishments and used inmates to beat other prisoners and enforce rules.

Mr. Whittington became a voice on the board for restoring order and discipline.

He also served on the Texas Bond Review Board and Texas Public Finance Authority, overseeing the fees, structure and legal process associated with state bond issues. He was known to challenge law fees and demand accountability.

And, in 1999, Mr. Bush appointed Mr. Whittington to head the funeral services board.

A 1950 graduate of the University of Texas law school, Mr. Whittington has been a practicing lawyer in Austin who has accumulated substantial investments and real estate holdings. For the past several years, he has been fighting – and beating – city hall. The city of Austin has attempted to build a parking lot by condemning a city block owned by Mr. Whittington's family for 25 years. Recent court judgments have held that Mr. Whittington is due millions more than the city has been willing to pay.

Staff writer G. Robert Hillman in Washington contributed to this report with David McLemore reporting in San Antonio and Christy Hoppe reporting in Austin. The Associated Press also contributed this story.

E-mail dmclemore@dallasnews.com and choppe@dallasnews.com

Online at: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/021206dnnatcheney.1e9c2920.html