The Emancipation of Siditty

I quit my job. I am now a housewife with a possible job offer on the table, so hopefully it is only temporary. I put my notice in as a New Years resolution. After working at my previous company for two and a half years, I just couldn't do it anymore.

Ironically my manager being upset I quit started becoming a complete and utter asshole once I put my notice in. He has known for over six months I was looking to leave the job and asked me to give him as much notice as possible. I gave him a month being nice, do you know he said it wasn't in the budget and he would need approval from his boss to allow such a long notice. You didn't need permission to pay me while I was fully employed and I was in the budget for at least a year, but now I have put my notice in, I am not in the budget? Yeah, right. I then informed him I could quit the very same day or just give two weeks. Miraculously, a month was a great notice.

The final dagger in the back occurred last week; he approached me indicating he was told I was altering my work to fudge numbers (that directly affect my performance) why would I choose to do this before I leave? I am quitting, at this point I don't give a damn!!! It makes no sense to try to improve my numbers while en route out the door of a company. He then threatened that if my performance didn't improve, I might not be able to come back if I wanted. Hello!!! I quit the job, I want to leave, and I don't want to come back. He makes no sense, and right after the conversation, his one month notice turned into a week and a half. I went back to my desk, sent him emails letting him know I quit effective immediately, and I quietly walked out.

To add a twist on the whole situation, a co-worker who has just returned from maternity leave was to take over my desk once I left. I told her I would have everything in order to ensure she wouldn't drown once I was gone. The Friday after I put my notice in I used a vacation day. The Monday after I had the flu with a fever. Why was she calling me on my cell phone asking when I would be coming back, as I had to show her how the policies I managed worked? I informed her I was sick and be back in tomorrow. Mind you she isn't a manager, but rather a co-worker. She then went to my boss informing him she feels my work isn't on par since I put in my notice. Well shit it shouldn't be, I am leaving, but honestly I was working on my desk. I came to work at 5:30 that morning to start working my desk make sure all i's dotted, t's crossed. That is when the conversation with my boss occurred, and as a result of that, all that follow up she was doing to ensure my desk would be up to her standards, is now in shambles, and now all her responsibility to clean up. I hope she enjoys!!!!! If she was just patient her stupid ass wouldn't be in the situation she is in now. I hope she doesn't bother to call me on my cell either, I have blocked her number.

These people are why I quit to begin with, I can't stand the stupidity.