Feeling Guilty, But Then Again I'm Not........

I am feeling guilty because I am happy as hell my brother in law(I guess half brother in law) is leaving our house in four days to go back to live with his fat racist father who hasn't had a legitimate job in over 20 years and clown looking step mother who still sports stirrup pants and a curly perm(white people jheri curl) in Missouri. He was moved from there in November. This boy is 19 and moved in with us right before xmas after him and his girlfriend broke up (incidentally after they found out she was pregnant, that is a whole other post in itself) so he could go back to school and get a better job. Simple enough, or so we though.

The rules were clean up after yourself, be in school, work. We got him a prepaid cell phone so he could call folks and have a phone for an emergency. I printed out and downloaded application for him to work as a detention officer for the local counties and cities. I made sure he filled them out and mailed them and faxed them for him. I got all his FAFSA paperwork filled out for him, enrolled him in school, and told him to go to the financial aide office to get a Stafford Loan. He waited until two days before school started to do this and couldn't get a loan in time.

He then proceeded to ask me and my husband for money for school, we said no. In the time he moved in he was working full time, albeit at the 7-11, it was full time and since he had no rent he should have been able to scrounge up at least $400 dollars, but he didn't, he was too busy trying to be "pimp", as he would put it (when you think of my brother in law, think of a fat Eddie and Gin Rummy from the Boondocks). He promised he could pay us back within the next two weeks and give us extra money with interest. Mind you, the boy has two loans with us he has "defaulted" on and one loan that was "forgiven".

The very next week after he asks us for the money we did not give him, he went out and purchased a "new" car, a 2003 Ford Mustang, over doubling his car payment and upping his car insurance. He was talking about how broke he always was. He blatantly admitted he couldn't afford the car and to live on his own.

He then decided he wanted a career in the fast food industry since he had previous experience. He applied for a shift manger job at Taco Bell. They told him he should apply for Assistant Manager. He did, but then he made the mistake of telling them it would be a step back to be just shift manager and he should definitely be assistant manager. He also told him he was in school. That would have been fine if he was going for a job with a future, but this is dead end fast food!!! You ain't got no future there!!! He was told by the guy interviewing him that why should he hire him if he is just going to leave. The fast food mentality at it's finest. To better yourself with an education would interfere with your slave hours slinging tacos, we can't have that!!!!!!!

Needless to say he felt he didn't' get the job, and now he is going back up to Missouri to live with his daddy again, who has promised him the world again, so that he can fufill his dream of becoming a police officer again. In November he came back here because he couldn't stand it up there and his girlfriend didn't get along with his dad (surprise, surprise). He also mentioned the job situtation as bleak and there was nothing there. He most prestigious job was working at KFC, even though he did apply for a job as a bouncer at a strip club (classy). He has lived with his mother, moved out on his own for one month with his girlfriend (where they broke their lease), moved back with his mother, then moved out to live with his father, then with his girlfriends parents (previous to breaking up of course because she got pregnant), then me and my husband. All in a span of six months.

I smell a moocher, the sad thing is, he thinks everyone around him is to stupid to figure out his game. It only took us a week. Hell it took me a day. The first day he comes to the house he calls asking me why we don't have long distance on our regular phone (we do, but you have to use a code to access it). I asked him how he knew we didn't have long distance, and busted his ass trying to run up my phone bill. He tried the first week to go out to eat with us every time we went out to eat, so that we would pay for him.

It is time for this boy to go, I am going crazy with him in this house walking around asking "what's crackalackin" and referring to himself in the 3rd person. It is time to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!