I kinda have a job?

So yesterday I did three in person and one phone interview. One of the jobs is a temp job, but a job none the less until I find something. I got that job. They just wanted someone with a degree, and that was pretty much it!!! I am now a scorer, grading the TAKS test (Texas Assesment of Knowledge and Skills), which is the standardized test Texas students must take in order to graduate from high school. The interview process was long, but hey it will allow me to quit balancing my check book in the meantime. I can go shopping again without feeling guilty!!! Hopefully it will allow me to work until the Teaching Alternative Certification starts, or I can find a more permanent job elsewhere :). The cool thing is if this works out, in the summer I will be able to grade SAT and ACT test scores and I can do that from home, which means evenings, which means I will be making money while in the Teaching program!!! Yay!!!!!!!!! I really hopes this works out :).