Working still as a scorer for the TAKS test. Will take TeXES test in two weeks. Trying to find a better paying job until I start teaching. Husband got new job. We are poor, if I don't find a job soon I can kiss Playa Del Carmen good bye.

I will write in more detail now:

I am a scorer and grade papers for TAKS, the exam taken by all children in Texas and it required in order to graduate from High School. I fear for the children of America. I grade the 9th grade and it is scary what passes. Of course the grading requirements are so bizarre, I wonder if the TEA is full of people who have their head up their asses.

Anyway it is a very weird place with weird people. I see all kinds of Asperger and high functioning autistic folks in there. I also see bitter ex-school teachers and retirees. It is such a fun place :) Anyway I go there to socialize and find myself being sick at least once a week. I am sure this place is going to call me back for more projects since I am taking it so seriously :) I talk all day to my neighbor an indonesian chinese man who lived in a Muslim country, had a Muslim name, but is Chinese and also had a chinese name, and he was born a Buddhist, but now is a Catholic. His orginal birth certifcate he only had his Muslim first name, and they would not allow him to use his last name because it is Chinese, so his government name according to the us is his Muslim First Name twice. His name for example (not his real name) is shown as Abdullah Abdullah. Yeah I talk way too much to find out so much :) In between talking to Abdullah Abdullah, I pass notes with a girl who is 22 were we talk about the gossip of the day. For a short term project so much stuff goes on.

There are also love connections going on throughout the grading room. One wonders if any grading is going on at all. There is a lot of getting up to answer cell phones to conduct phone interviews with real employers.

The problem is they treat us as high school students a 30 minute lunch, two 15 minute breaks, that is it. Reading the crap these kids are writing, we should need an hour break away from the computer, and we should be paid at least twice as much. I am delirious by the time the day is over. This is mind numbing. But oh well. It is temporary and gives me extra cash :) I think I have ADD, I just can't sit at a desk all day doing repetitive stuff. I just can't.