Why can people like this pro-create, but others of us who have common sense can't?!?!?!?

This woman finds out her son is being molested by a neighbor, she doesn't turn the neighbor in, instead she pimps her 7 year old son for $600, letting the man pay her off, and continue to molest her son. I hope that $600 bucks goes a long way, because in prison she isn't going to be able to spend it so freely.

This is just sick.


Nicholas Quiles is accused of paying off a mother so that he could molest her 7-year-old son

Police: Mother Takes $600 To Let Man Molest Son

POSTED: 1:28 pm EST March 31, 2006

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. -- Police in New Port Richey say that a molestation case in that city had a particularly disturbing twist.

Investigators said a woman heard that a man that lived across the street from her home had molested her 7-year-old son. Police said she went to the house to confront Nicholas Quiles, and instead ended up taking $600 as a payoff for agreeing to allow him to continue to assault her son.

Both Quiles and the woman have been arrested.

Since he was charged, Local 10 learned that Quiles was once employed by the state Department of Children and Families.

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