Black Girls Don't Get Raped or Exploited

I have been looking at the news and reading about the Duke Rape Case. You know the stripper girl who is accusing the Duke Lacrosse team of rape. Apparently per the media, the girl has no evidence to suggest she was raped. No DNA, this is just a story of poor, innocent, white boys getting their face plastered all over the media based upon her lies. Every time I see this shit, it pisses me off. A white girl goes missing or gets molested, we are supposed to care. A black girl gets raped, goes missing, or gets molested, either she made it up or she was doing something she shouldn't have. The media is under the impression black girls don't get raped.

Case and point of innocent white girl: Natalie HollowayThe media portrays this story as an innocent white girl who goes to Aruba and ends up missing. At first two black men are accused of kidnapping her. Their faces are plastered all over the news, because obviously they are the guilty and no one peeps a word except to condemn and wish them harm. These men are later found innocent and nothing is said or done to correct the wrongs done to these men. The media runs with the story of two black men kidnapping the all american white girl, but say nothing of their innocence. I guess the thought is big black men want innocent white girls so much, they are willing to commit crimes to get them.

The real story: White girl is drinking and following around and making out with strange white island boy and ends up missing. Her ass was going off with complete strangers while abroad. Hello?!?!? Did anyone see Hostel? Messing with complete strangers on a strange island while drinking underage is never safe. The media makes it seem as if she was innocent while down there, when in reality, she was doing an underage version of Girls Gone Wild. When I go to Mexico, I am pure tourist, I don't need to explore the "native" side of Mexico, I want to be disillusioned and drink my margarita on the beach. Me and all my American cohorts speak English and go to Senor Frogs. It is just safer that way.

Next case of innocent white girl Elizabeth Smart. Media take: A little white girl is abducted by laborer who forces her to become his Mormon child wife, is found, and then returns to her family. My take: This girl was abducted, yes that is sad, that is wrong, and may the man who did this suffer for his crime, but the child was out in public places with the man and his "wife" who abducted her and says nothing for months. Let me get abducted and have the opportunity to go out in public. I would be the crazy black woman saying whatever I could to get noticed. It wouldn't take months to get reunited with my family, it would take minutes of me out in public to tell anyone and everyone.

The black women or children who get media attention for crimes against them. They are few, and tend to never be innocent. Tawana Brawley, case dismissed. Duke stripper girl, who well per Rush Limbaugh was a "ho" so it shouldn't matter if she got raped or not. The players used condoms so there was no DNA, and plus she was drunk. All of R. Kelly's victims. They wanted fame, they wanted money, and who cares if they were underage, they came from poor neighborhoods and this was probably their best opportunity (I actually heard this from a midday DJ in Dallas).

Apparently black women are hyper sexual beings for the sole purpose to get men off sexually.

Per the media there is no way a black woman could be raped. We like sex a lot, apparently with strange men. Rape has never been an issue for black women, there is no way a black woman could be raped, after all they are black, and there are plenty of white women to want and desire.

I am just tired of the stereotypes. If we aren't fat and overweight and full of attitude, we are over sexed whores looking to please all that are willing. I don't get it, why in this day and age we have this nonsense. White women are still on a pedestal and black women are still being thrown under the bus. We never get raped, we never are harmed, and if we are, more than likely it is our fault. Especially when the accusers are white.