Interracial Book Review

Over the past week or so I have read four books. Yes, I read. It is a hobby I have had since a child. The books I have read in the last week all have the same theme. Interracial relationships dealing with black women and white men. Obviously since I sleep with the enemy, this is of interest to me. Of the four books I read, one was pretty good, two were just OK, and one complete crap. I won't mention the crap book because I want to be positive. OK I will get in a jab or two because it is a pet peeve. I hate the word conversate. I hate that people even use the word converse. It shouldn't be in a published book. Another pet peeve, not to the authors, but to the publishing company, there should not be 18 million typos in a book that is published nationally, or even globally. Blogs don't count :)

The first OK book I read was Three Wishes by Seressia Glass. The book was the typical romance, and a light read. This is a great vacation book to read while on a plane, by the pool, or on the beach. The book is about a bi-racial (Asian and Black) divorcee who wishes to have a child, but finds she can't. She meets and becomes friends and more with her widowed next door white male neighbor, who is a doctor, and has a seven year old child. Needless to say the book is a bit predictable,but has a few twists that keep you reading and keep things interesting. Even though it is predictable it is very enjoyable and well written.

The next OK book was At Last by Lisa Riley. The book's heroine Caroline is a smart successful artist from a wealthy family who ends up falling up love with her boss Brian. Though the two feel meant for each other there is internal and external conflict that tries to tear them apart. Well written, and lots of twists, but unfortunately the twists are the problem. There is way too much twisting, to the point where the ending was a cliff hanger and ultimately left me with questions that I felt went unanswered in the book. Otherwise the book was a great read, again another vacation book. A great page turner that was a fun read overall.

The great book was Renee and Jay by J.J. Murray. Now let me preface this by saying I have read other books by Mr. Murray including Something Real and Original Love. Now I liked Original Love ok, but I was a big fan of Something Real, and Renee and Jay, his debut novel is my favorite of the three. I enjoyed every page. It was funny, touching, and insightful. I really enjoy the way Mr. Murray uses the point of view of a black woman to tell the story in both Something Real and Renee and Jay. Renee and Jay is an ode to his wife, who I am sure is all the envy of all her friends to have a man so in love with her, but I am not jealous. Whatever!!!! The story of Renee and Jay is one of a woman in conflict with her heart and her brain. She learns how to cope with her feelings for an Italian man in Roanoke, VA, and her family, friends, and even strangers will cope with her relationship. Overall I loved this book. Apparently the book was popular enough to warrant a Renee and Jay 2, but the book has sold out, don't fret though, if you need to read it you can contact Mr. Murray at his web site, and he will send you a copy of Renee and Jay 2 via MS Word. How awesome is that?