On the job front

I have a new job. Yes again. This time a permanent gig. I got a job in inusrance again, but ina different role thank God. I will get paid real money again!!! Of course I did work for CPS for one week, but that was pure scary. The cubicles were nice, as were the computers, but homeless people selling me chicken in the parking lot, not so much. Also it bothered me they asked my geographic preference. I live North East of Dallas, they placed me South West of Dallas. Not convenient at all. Then I was through with them talking about me picking up children in the middle of the night full of lice in my car and using my minutes on my cell phone, I was through and had to walk away. I was using that job until I got my teaching gig anyway :) But for right now I am trying out the insurance thing and hopefully I will do great at it. At least I hope to.