My Hating White Folks Phase

I am in my hate white people mode right now. I don't understand them, I never will. Just when I think not all white people are bad, one of them just says something to me which pisses me the fuck off. Perfect example. We had dinner last night with some friends. They are a couple, one hispanic, one white. The one white joked her neighbor indicated she can now apply for affirmative action now she is marrying a hispanic. Hello you fucking assholes! FYI WHITE WOMEN are protected under affirmative action. They have been since the inception of affirmative action, and are the major benefactors of Affirmative Action. As well as welfare, but that is another point. I don't think this comment alone would have pissed me off, if not for a conversation we had a while back ago in which we were talking about me going into teaching in DISD, and which she said her white ass couldn't teach there because they would eat her ass alive. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The black and hispanic children of the crappy DISD public school system wouldn't give her ass the time of day. Hello they are openly admitting they are trying to diversify their staff since people of color and MEN are under represented. Then there was the comment about her man needing sex because he was latin!!!!!!! I guess me husband is latin because he needs sex too, even though he is paler and whiter than the average white person.

I guess what really hurts is once again my husband is telling me it is just a joke. I am sick of "jokes" especially from white people. I have heard these "jokes" all my life and it is old. I can't expect him to understand. After all us sensitive darkies are just looking for something for free and trying to take control of the white race in america so we can do what they did to us aka slavery. As if we give a damn to do that, but rather want to be treated equal and not like criminals and welfare types.