The Gangstas of Godwin Park

I just finished reading an article in Texas Monthly called The Gangstas of Godwin Park. The article was about a rich, white, jewish kid who wanted to be gangsta by selling prescription drugs, and got killed. As per usual with all white teenagers who die tragically, he was such a good kid from a good family who got fooled by the wrong crowd. He was such as good kid, he put his arms around people in the hallways "Even the black girls,which a lot of the white boys will not do." Excuse me? What the fuck . Number one Bellaire, TX is full of black and hispanic people, and I am sorry but for the past four hundred, five hundred years white men have been putting their arms, and everything else around black women? What the fuck does that mean? Was the boy such a slut that he decided he was going to "degrade" himself and be seen in public with a black girl? I went to a predominantly white school and many a white boy attempted to put their arms around me, and I managed not to spread my negro disease to them. Geesh.

Why are white people so stupid to assume in this day and age that black people are so unnatural and unattractive that even a white boy in being friendly will have the audacity to touch a black girl. The freaking horror. What makes the story worse is the boy was Jewish and apparently the Jewish community is up in arms over the fact that this story made the news. One person commented that the news should focus on something a bit more urban. Oh yes, let us feed the stereotypes that only black people commit crimes, and only black teens do bad things. They wonder why black people are so angry. This ignorant story and the ignorant people in it are exactly why.