Today my mother called to let me know my grandmother is mentally gone. She is hallucinating about seeing people in her homes. Coming out of her ceiling fans, trying to steal my grandfather's truck, and trying to beat her up. She sees murders happening in her living room. She has had someone (a real person) come in six days a week to help with cooking and cleaning. That is help, but apparently not enough. She is going to go to a nursing home. Thankfully my grandfather is coming with her. My father and uncle are seeking Power of Attorney, to handle her finances since she is overdrawn on her account $800. Apparently she has been writing checks with no money in the account. She is paying for stuff she doesn't need. Now she is asking for a gun so people won't try to beat her up anymore. The only people who have threatened to beat her up are people who don't exist. She has called her neighbors and the police at 1:00 in the morning because she sees people who aren't there.

It is hard to understand how someone so strong, so aware as my grandmother go through this. The saddest part is she is so aware of everything else except this. Ask her about the news, a TV show, or family and friends and she talks as if she is normal. She volunteers this information on her hallucinations as if it is a normal, everyday thing, just like anything else. It scares me how someone like her, can transform to someone who can't take care of herself. She spent her life taking care of everyone else. My father, my uncles, her grandchildren. She IS simply the best grandmother in all the world, the best cook in all the world, and the sweetest woman in all the world. We call her Madea, or Mother Dear. She had a husband(my biological grandfather) who abused her, cheated on her, and had three kids with him, and in the 1950s had the courage to pick up and leave and work two to three jobs as a single mother with three kids. She remarried to my real grandfather, my father's stepfather, and they are together to this day. She put two kids through college, she bought them cars, she spoiled her grandchildren. Her one stray son, who has been addicted to drugs since the 1960's, she took care of way more than she should have. She took care of the children in the neighborhood, always offering a dinner, a snack, or even a place to sleep, and visit. She is simply a truly good and genuine person. I love her so much, and yet regret not spending enough time with her.