Why is Feminism Bad?

I have an evil secret to tell everyone. I am a feminist. I said it, so shoot me. Do I hate men no? But as soon as I tell anyone this the assumption is I hate men and want to be a lesbian. I don't get it. They assume I don't look like a feminist because I shave my legs, wear dresses, am married happily to my husband, and I ::gasp:: want children and a career. Maybe I am straddling the fence? For years I just thought feminism was theory associated or dealing with women in society. I always felt that women, like minorities were and are not equal in this country. I always assumed wanting equal pay and equal advancement in the workplace was something everyone wanted. A fair and equal chance, but apparently that is bad.

According to some a feminist is being a lesbian, being against marriage, and being a baby killer amongst other things. I personally was a former member of NOW, but there are extremist in every group, which is why I don't like to be grouped. Much like not all black people love Al Sharpton (or feel he is a black leader, which usually white people label him as, whereas black people label him as a James Brown wannabe), not all of us believe being a housewife is bad, or that liking men is a sin against the movement.

There is such a war against "Political Correctness" that it lumps all things into one dirty little package and dismiss it as something awful and something dirty. I will rant about Political Correctness in another entry :)

Anyway being a feminist isn't always a bad thing, and I am curious why people feel that way.