Good News, Bad News

It seems everytime I get good news (I am pregnant), I end up getting bad news. Earlier this week on Tuesday, after coming back from a long weekend, I was informed my employer is closing down our office in March 2007. That means within the next eight months I will lose my job. I carry the benefits out of the two of us since I work for insurance companies. Needless to say this sucks pregnant and looking for a job....who will hire me. Since I am only six weeks I can hide it pretty well for at least another couple of months, so I am looking for a job now. I had an interview on Friday that went pretty well, and have a 2nd interview next week for the same job. I also have a recruiter contacting me, so hopefully I will be able to find something quickly and hopefully that employer won't fire me because I am knocked up (or fire me for some thinly veiled reason that is really related to pregnancy).

At least the President of my husband's company is trying to get us coverage so that everyone in the company has insurance benefits. Hopefully this will work out and one concern will be knocked out of the water. Now a cash flow to pay for this kid and nursery and pay off all debt before the kid gets here is the next concern.