Crackney Has Left The Building

Whitney has finally left Bobby. This needed to be done. This should have happened over a decade ago. The marriage should have never happened. The drugs and Bobby have worn her ragged. If she can kick the drugs maybe she can look like she bathes and gives a damn.

Since the loss of job announcement......

My motivation at work has decreased significantly. Let me mention, I had just gotten out of classroom training, and had been on the "floor" for two weeks when we received this announcement, and I was still in training, just on the job training.

My "mentor" was crackish anyway. She is a 34 year old woman who looks about 45, as if she has spent too much time in a bar (as if I am one to talk about spending time in bars). She enjoys Nascar, and has decorated her cubicle to show her Nascar love. She talks really loud, and could easily become an extra on Hee Haw with her twang and love of country music. Her husband is 50 and has three grown children, in which she is a grandmother to their children at 34. Her husband does not work so she is the breadwinner of the family. Mind you I make what she makes, and I ain't the breadwinner in my family. It would be Good Times in this joint if I was the only one working. With this background, you know I was in good hands.

The first time I sat with my mentor when we were still in the classroom, she didn't utter one word to me, except, "I am tired and hung over so just watch ok?". Nice and reassuring I would get great support once out on the floor.

Anyway between Mrs. Hee Haw and the announcement of the office closing, my time at work was spent on Monster and Careerbuilder, and in between that time sending emails to friends and family or hanging out by the vending machine with another girl in my training class who I refer to as "Spitty" or "Al Queda".

The name Spitty derives from the fact that the girl loves talking with her mouth full of food, and never appears to not have food in her mouth, so she is always spitting food everywhere when she talks. To make things worse she has braces, which makes spitting inevitable. At lunch I try to sit caddy corner from her and eat fast to protect my food from projectile particles that spew from her mouth.

The name Al Queda refers to the fact that the child is obsessed with Al Queda. Everyone is a potential member. We take the same route to work and there is an old Asian couple who walks every morning in their traditional dress. She thinks they are Al Queda, I think they are just retired people taking a walk. Anyone can be Al Queda, be it indian, pakistani, palestinian, it doesn't matter, hell even hispanic, they are all Al Queda. She will run miles from them for fear they will bomb her. Mind you even though she isn't as bad as Mrs. Hee Haw, she might as well be. Her husband likes off roading, they live in the country, and she enjoys Karaoke? Who actually likes that, she feels she is a good singer, and can't wait to take me one night to hear her perform. I don't think so.

Anyway since the announcement my days have been boring, unmotivating, and now I have the satisfaction of saying "I'm out Beyotch!!!!". I can't wait, of course I will not say "I'm Out Beyotch!!" to my manager, but something similar to that line of thought.

A New Job

I was scared to death when they told me at my currnet job they were closing down the office. I mean I had just started!!!!!!! I liked it there, or so I thought. Plus it took me a long while to find this job. I was shaking in my boots!!!!!! Well on Friday after going on interviews for about a month. I interviewed with about four companies, one hired me!!!! I am still in insurance, just not doing underwriting. I am now an Account Manager. Nice snazzy title, same pay, so it isn't too glamorous. I start in two weeks. Which is nice since this job is ending, and I don't want to relocate to Simsbury, CT, Alpharetta, GA(even though it is close to Atlanta or Hotlanta, for some reason I can't say "Atlanta" it is always "Hotlanta"), or Maitland, FL. All those these places seem nice I need a pay raise, not a lateral move in order to consider relocation, plus my pay in Simbury, CT could only afford me a studio apartment in a skank area of town. My husband looked at me crazy and told me we are not relocating for your job unless they are paying you six figures. I am no where near six figures, so I guess I get to keep my happy ass here in Dallas :)