A New Job

I was scared to death when they told me at my currnet job they were closing down the office. I mean I had just started!!!!!!! I liked it there, or so I thought. Plus it took me a long while to find this job. I was shaking in my boots!!!!!! Well on Friday after going on interviews for about a month. I interviewed with about four companies, one hired me!!!! I am still in insurance, just not doing underwriting. I am now an Account Manager. Nice snazzy title, same pay, so it isn't too glamorous. I start in two weeks. Which is nice since this job is ending, and I don't want to relocate to Simsbury, CT, Alpharetta, GA(even though it is close to Atlanta or Hotlanta, for some reason I can't say "Atlanta" it is always "Hotlanta"), or Maitland, FL. All those these places seem nice I need a pay raise, not a lateral move in order to consider relocation, plus my pay in Simbury, CT could only afford me a studio apartment in a skank area of town. My husband looked at me crazy and told me we are not relocating for your job unless they are paying you six figures. I am no where near six figures, so I guess I get to keep my happy ass here in Dallas :)