My anniversary

As of November 15th, 2006 me and my husband have been married THREE whole years. My husband being super duper awesome got me a nice gift certificate to Elizabeth Arden which should be able to afford me a half day at the spa plus tip :) He also took me to III Forks, a very nice steak house that is very tasty. On top of that last weekend we took a "vacation" to Dallas. Wait don't we live in Dallas? Yes......my husband had my stay at the Magnolia in a beautiful suite We stayed two nights, had cookies and milk, and dinner at Mortons in downtown. We came a good time, they did the lighting of the Neiman Marcus tree and had all kinds of activities on that Friday, it was really fun :) Overall we had a great time on "vacation" I LOVE MY HUSBAND HE IS SO AWESOME, I truly don't deserve him :)


I am a dark skinned black girl, I don't know how I feel . I used two different pictures so that is why different results