Meanwhile on the job front.

I had another interview yesterday for a full time job in which everyone seemed excited to have me. Still in insurance, just a different segment, and I think it went well. I have to go back in for testing. They want me to start the first full week of March. I think I have a really good chance of making it, because this is a group hire. If I get in, I will jump for joy, and then make a very critical decision to decide if I want to teach or stay in insurance. I don't really know what I should do. I guess I will cross that bridge, when I get to it. I really hope this is a situation of when it rains, it pours.


I kinda have a job?

So yesterday I did three in person and one phone interview. One of the jobs is a temp job, but a job none the less until I find something. I got that job. They just wanted someone with a degree, and that was pretty much it!!! I am now a scorer, grading the TAKS test (Texas Assesment of Knowledge and Skills), which is the standardized test Texas students must take in order to graduate from high school. The interview process was long, but hey it will allow me to quit balancing my check book in the meantime. I can go shopping again without feeling guilty!!! Hopefully it will allow me to work until the Teaching Alternative Certification starts, or I can find a more permanent job elsewhere :). The cool thing is if this works out, in the summer I will be able to grade SAT and ACT test scores and I can do that from home, which means evenings, which means I will be making money while in the Teaching program!!! Yay!!!!!!!!! I really hopes this works out :).


God if you can't tell I was the token black girl by now, this will definitely confirm it

Black-Eyed Susan
You are Black-Eyed Susan. Laid back, aloof,
nothing bothers you at all.
Which solo Morrissey song are you?
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I turned 30 and I still don't know a damn thing

Last Saturday, I turned 30 years old. I am 30 damn years old. I have left my 20s and that just sucks. I will get over it though. Everyone keeps telling me 30 is oh so wonderful, and I will enjoy them way more than my 20s because I will be more comfortable with myself. That is a joke. Lets do a quick overview:

Being as big as I am, I am never comfortable with myself, ever. I don't have to shop exclusively at the big girl stores, but lets face it Banana Republic and White House Black Market are way out of my reach. I am working on it, but I am far from comfortable inmy own skin, and have fears of heart attacks any minute now.

I am currently jobless, that is right, I am currently playing house wifey. Interviews have been coming, but nothing materializes, ever. It really kind of sucks. I guess I sound like a white girl on the phone and then people end up with Mo'Nique in person, it throws people off, that and the fact that I am not applying to work as a clerical or customer service rep, but rather a professional job, god forbid fat black women get decent jobs. I am acutally trying to prepare to become a teacher with an alternative teaching certification program. Teachers are needed everywhere in Texas and it seems, the programs are popping up left and right. But right now professionally I am not comfortable.

My final role of being uncomfortable comes with the fact I have yet to produce the eagerly anticipated grandchild. People are starting to ask, after all me and my husband have been together three years, but no baby. We are trying, it just isn't happening. We have tried for over a year now and nothing, nada zip. Again this does have to do with my weight, and I am working on it.

The only thing I am comfortable about at 30 is I know nothing and have grasped nothing. I have hoping I can get comfortable soon, because being old and uncomfortable does not feel good at all.


My husband again shows me I don't deserve him. He is absolutely the best man ever. I am not saying that just because he got me flowers either :) Posted by Picasa


I went to see Something New yesterday, and I thought overall it was cute. Of course I can relate, except my husband is not a gardener, but a computer programmer, and I am currently unemployed, so he is definitely carrying the weight. But I remember the initial adjustment of learning to talk about race with him and hope he understood. He does thankfully, but it was definitely an adjustment, that and bringing him around the family and hoping no one would say anything crazy to him.  Posted by Picasa

Ed Wuncler the III aka Eddie Posted by Picasa

Eddie and Gin Rummy close up shots. Thanks to the Republic of T for the great pics!!! Posted by Picasa

Feeling Guilty, But Then Again I'm Not........

I am feeling guilty because I am happy as hell my brother in law(I guess half brother in law) is leaving our house in four days to go back to live with his fat racist father who hasn't had a legitimate job in over 20 years and clown looking step mother who still sports stirrup pants and a curly perm(white people jheri curl) in Missouri. He was moved from there in November. This boy is 19 and moved in with us right before xmas after him and his girlfriend broke up (incidentally after they found out she was pregnant, that is a whole other post in itself) so he could go back to school and get a better job. Simple enough, or so we though.

The rules were clean up after yourself, be in school, work. We got him a prepaid cell phone so he could call folks and have a phone for an emergency. I printed out and downloaded application for him to work as a detention officer for the local counties and cities. I made sure he filled them out and mailed them and faxed them for him. I got all his FAFSA paperwork filled out for him, enrolled him in school, and told him to go to the financial aide office to get a Stafford Loan. He waited until two days before school started to do this and couldn't get a loan in time.

He then proceeded to ask me and my husband for money for school, we said no. In the time he moved in he was working full time, albeit at the 7-11, it was full time and since he had no rent he should have been able to scrounge up at least $400 dollars, but he didn't, he was too busy trying to be "pimp", as he would put it (when you think of my brother in law, think of a fat Eddie and Gin Rummy from the Boondocks). He promised he could pay us back within the next two weeks and give us extra money with interest. Mind you, the boy has two loans with us he has "defaulted" on and one loan that was "forgiven".

The very next week after he asks us for the money we did not give him, he went out and purchased a "new" car, a 2003 Ford Mustang, over doubling his car payment and upping his car insurance. He was talking about how broke he always was. He blatantly admitted he couldn't afford the car and to live on his own.

He then decided he wanted a career in the fast food industry since he had previous experience. He applied for a shift manger job at Taco Bell. They told him he should apply for Assistant Manager. He did, but then he made the mistake of telling them it would be a step back to be just shift manager and he should definitely be assistant manager. He also told him he was in school. That would have been fine if he was going for a job with a future, but this is dead end fast food!!! You ain't got no future there!!! He was told by the guy interviewing him that why should he hire him if he is just going to leave. The fast food mentality at it's finest. To better yourself with an education would interfere with your slave hours slinging tacos, we can't have that!!!!!!!

Needless to say he felt he didn't' get the job, and now he is going back up to Missouri to live with his daddy again, who has promised him the world again, so that he can fufill his dream of becoming a police officer again. In November he came back here because he couldn't stand it up there and his girlfriend didn't get along with his dad (surprise, surprise). He also mentioned the job situtation as bleak and there was nothing there. He most prestigious job was working at KFC, even though he did apply for a job as a bouncer at a strip club (classy). He has lived with his mother, moved out on his own for one month with his girlfriend (where they broke their lease), moved back with his mother, then moved out to live with his father, then with his girlfriends parents (previous to breaking up of course because she got pregnant), then me and my husband. All in a span of six months.

I smell a moocher, the sad thing is, he thinks everyone around him is to stupid to figure out his game. It only took us a week. Hell it took me a day. The first day he comes to the house he calls asking me why we don't have long distance on our regular phone (we do, but you have to use a code to access it). I asked him how he knew we didn't have long distance, and busted his ass trying to run up my phone bill. He tried the first week to go out to eat with us every time we went out to eat, so that we would pay for him.

It is time for this boy to go, I am going crazy with him in this house walking around asking "what's crackalackin" and referring to himself in the 3rd person. It is time to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Vice President Done Popped a Cap in Some Guy's Ass!!!!!!!

Dick Cheney has gone straight up gangsta. His ass done popped a cap in some old lawyers ass while hunting. How is that for gun control. If that ain't proof the man is ailing and probably about to Ronald Reagan (become senile), I don't know what is.

VP shoots hunting partner in accident

Austin lawyer hospitalized after being sprayed with birdshot

11:46 PM CST on Sunday, February 12, 2006

By DAVID McLEMORE and CHRISTY HOPPE / The Dallas Morning News

A prominent Austin lawyer remained hospitalized in stable condition Sunday after he was accidentally shot by Vice President Dick Cheney during a South Texas quail hunt.

Harry Whittington, 78, a millionaire civil attorney known as a tenacious battler not afraid to fight City Hall, was being treated in the intensive care unit at a Corpus Christi hospital after he was sprayed with birdshot during an incident at the Armstrong Ranch in Kenedy County on Saturday.

Harry Whittington, shown in this 2005 photo, was hit in the cheek, neck and chest.

"He is stable and doing well. It was almost like he was spending time with me in my living room," said hospital administrator Peter Banko.

Mr. Banko said Mr. Whittington was in the intensive care unit because his condition warranted it, but he didn't elaborate. Mr. Whittington sent word through a hospital official that he would have no comment on the incident out of respect for Mr. Cheney, 65.

Sally Whittington, Mr. Whittington's daughter, said she got a call from her mother, Mercedes, Saturday night indicating that her father had been shot.

"They were very quiet and didn't want to say anything about [Mr.] Cheney," she said, adding that the vice president visited her father Sunday morning.

"He feels so bad," said Ms. Whittington. "He's a very accomplished hunter. He was obviously relieved to see how well my father was doing."

The vice president and his wife returned to Washington on Sunday afternoon.

The vice president's press secretary, Lea Anne McBride, said Mr. Cheney "was pleased to see that he's doing fine and in good spirits."

Saturday afternoon

The shooting incident occurred about 5:30 p.m. Saturday on the sprawling 50,000-acre ranch just south of Sarita in deep South Texas.

There was no immediate reason given as to why the incident wasn't reported until Sunday.

"Harry was about 100 yards away, looking for a lost bird," said Ms. Armstrong, who attended the hunt. "The vice president and another hunter had moved on toward another covey of quail.

"But Harry came up behind the vice president's party and didn't announce himself," she said. "The vice president was following the birds as he swung around and hit Harry. It's just good hunting protocol to let the other hunters know where you are."

Mr. Whittington was sprayed in the face, neck and upper chest with 28-gauge birdshot, Ms. Armstrong said. "He wasn't hit in the eyes or anything. It just knocked him down, but he never lost consciousness."

And medical attention was prompt.

"The vice president travels with a medical team, and they went to work immediately," Ms. Armstrong said. "The vice president was very concerned and very helpful. But Harry was in good spirits when the helicopters came to take him to the hospital."

Mr. Whittington was flown by medical helicopter first to Kingsville, then to the hospital in Corpus Christi.

A friend who has talked to family members said that Mr. Whittington was hit by about 50 birdshot pellets. Mr. Whittington underwent surgery Sunday morning to remove some of the pellets, and doctors have told his family that the shot apparently did not damage any major organs.

The hunters were wearing bright orange vests, Ms. Armstrong said. And Mr. Cheney had a valid hunting license, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Ms. Whittington got to see her father Sunday afternoon after the surgery. She said her father's face, "looks like chicken pox, kind of." She said that he was sitting up telling jokes. "He is so lucky, it's a miracle," she said.

She said her father doesn't recall much of the incident other than it was sunset and he thinks that maybe the setting sun may have made him difficult to spot by the other hunters.

"He is very, very lucky that nothing seriously was injured," she said, adding that Mr. Whittington will be out of ICU by today and that he is being observed because of swelling from some of the welts on his neck.

"It was accidental, a hunting accident," said Ramon Salinas III, Kenedy County sheriff, adding that the Secret Service notified him Saturday of the incident. "They did what they had to according to law."

President Bush, who was at the White House over the weekend, was informed about the incident after it happened Saturday by Chief of Staff Andrew Card and Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and was updated on Sunday, press secretary Scott McClellan said.

Previous hunts

It's not the first time the vice president's hunts have resulted in controversy.

In 2003, animal rights advocates denounced as slaughter a pheasant hunt by Mr. Cheney, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and a handful of other Texas Republicans who killed hundreds of the birds at a private game reserve in Pennsylvania. The birds had been released from nets.

And in 2004, a brouhaha ensued over a Cheney duck hunting trip in Louisiana with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

The two men are friends and hunting buddies, but some legal scholars questioned the propriety of the trip because the high court had just agreed to hear the vice president's appeal of a spat over his involvement in administration energy policy.

Justice Scalia denied any conflict of interest or other wrongdoing.

The president himself had his own hunting incident, although not as serious a mishap. In 1994, when he was running for governor against then-incumbent Ann Richards, Mr. Bush went dove hunting for the cameras in Hockley, northwest of Houston, and shot what he thought was a dove.

The one bird he did hit turned out to be the protected killdeer. He reported the incident to the local game warden and paid a $130 fine.

The vice president is an avid fisherman and hunter, pursuing quail, pheasant, ducks, doves and other wildlife. His personal travel schedules are not disclosed in advance by the White House, and many times residents learn of his arrival when Air Force Two touches down at a local airport.

He travels to the Armstrong Ranch about once a year to hunt and is a "very safe sportsman," Ms. Armstrong said.

Mr. Whittington is also an avid hunter, but this appears to be the first time he and the vice president have hunted together, Ms. Armstrong said.

"This is not something you ever want to see happen, but the press has made a lot more of it than it actually is," Ms. Armstrong said. "I've been shot with birdshot myself."

Mr. Whittington, a Republican, has been a prominent lawyer in Austin and has been a trusted confidant of Govs. Bill Clements and George W. Bush, who called upon him to tackle troubled agencies.

He has gained a reputation as a person of integrity who can patch problems.

In the 1980s, he was a reformer appointed to the Texas Board of Corrections during a time federal courts had taken over the prison system after declaring it unconstitutional. The board was overseeing a state prison system that lacked basic medical care, subjected offenders to brutal punishments and used inmates to beat other prisoners and enforce rules.

Mr. Whittington became a voice on the board for restoring order and discipline.

He also served on the Texas Bond Review Board and Texas Public Finance Authority, overseeing the fees, structure and legal process associated with state bond issues. He was known to challenge law fees and demand accountability.

And, in 1999, Mr. Bush appointed Mr. Whittington to head the funeral services board.

A 1950 graduate of the University of Texas law school, Mr. Whittington has been a practicing lawyer in Austin who has accumulated substantial investments and real estate holdings. For the past several years, he has been fighting – and beating – city hall. The city of Austin has attempted to build a parking lot by condemning a city block owned by Mr. Whittington's family for 25 years. Recent court judgments have held that Mr. Whittington is due millions more than the city has been willing to pay.

Staff writer G. Robert Hillman in Washington contributed to this report with David McLemore reporting in San Antonio and Christy Hoppe reporting in Austin. The Associated Press also contributed this story.

E-mail dmclemore@dallasnews.com and choppe@dallasnews.com

Online at: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/021206dnnatcheney.1e9c2920.html


The Rio Product Tragedy of 1994 and my mother

I was frequenting the black hair care sites online trying to get a review of Curve Salons curly buttercreme and someone in their blog mentioned Rio. For those who don't know Rio was going to be the answer to all black women's dreams in regards to straight silky hair naturally. This product was touted at being so safe you could eat it. I remember the infomercial where the man actually ate the mixture. I think Debbie Allen was a spokesperson for it (as well as COPA, another scary ass product to save black women from "kinky" hair). Well thousands of black women bought this stuff, including my mother for me, since I have such sensitive skin that at home relaxer kits were a strict no no for my head. The product turned out to be bogus, there were hundreds and thousands of bald black women everywhere as a result.

Thankfully I was able to keep the hair on my head even after using it once. I remember the lawsuits and the stories and exposes on Inside Edition and A Current Affair, and my mother still having the gall to put that scary ass stuff on my head, and mad that I was refusing to use it anymore because she had paid the $75 dollars for the three month supply and had only been able to use it once. The FDA stepped in and pulled Rio off the shelves, and my mother knowing this didn't give a damn because $75 was way more important than safety. God forbid we put aside money and look at the aspect of hair altering chemicals and how they can permanently scar and burn you for life. Love my momma. My cheap, cheap momma.

Going to a salon to have my hair done was something me and my mother just didn't do. Hell I think I was 20 before I realized they had black hair salons since my mother was a lover of the Revlon Lye at home Relaxer maximum strength for my hair (I think I still have 3rd degree burns on my head from that ish).

I have been natural for over five years and I am still sporting the pony tail when not using the ceramic hot iron for that sexy silky straight look so worshipped by many black women. I am looking for hair styles people. Natural hair styles that done take six hours to fix. Thankfully my investigation on the curly buttercreme has allowed me to find a cheaper alternative to the curly buttercreme and I plan to use it, because the ingredients used are safe and cheap!!! Plus the thought of Rio part III (COPA was Rio part II) is not fun, at all.

I wonder if COPA is still around? I wonder if COPA and RIO are the exact same things, since they had the same spokesperson. A mystery we may never have the answer to.