African Names Like Shaniqua

Me and my husband are friends with a couple. The couple is currently pregnant. Me and said wife of couple were discussing baby names. I told her me and my husband thought about an African name for our child. She asked me was I going to name my child Shaniqua. Shaniqua is not African. It is a African American name with no meaning. Let me stress again this is not an African name. Why would she assume this to be an African name? Why  are African names limited to Shaniqua. There are names like Asha, Nia, Re, and Imani, but these to her do not pop into her mind as African. I have learned to bite my tongue and that I can't teach people about African American, black, or even African culture because it isn't up to me, it is up to them, but damn it, use damn common sense before you open your damn mouth!!!! I don't want to tell her about herself, but she says ignorant stuff all the time!!! It is so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!