Broken Dreams: The Tragic Death of Anna Nicole

I am going to hell for this, but upon hearing the news that Anna Nicole died, me and my friend emailed each other knowing that there will be a Lifetime/E!/Oxygen made for TV movie about her life in a year. Here is the not quite named Biopic for Anna Nicole:

The Untitled Anna Nicole Biopic:

Starring Tara Reid as skinny skanky Anna Nicole:


Emme, the Plus Sized Supermodel as fat skanky Anna Nicole(we will have to skank her up):

Directed by:


Produced By:


Lifetime Movie Names:

Daddy, Are You There?.......... The Life and Times of Dani Lynn Hope

Shattered Dreams, Broken Promises: Life With Anna Nicole, A Moment of Truth Movie

Howard K Stern - Life With Anna: A Moment of Truth Movie.

NBC mini-series, Anna Nicole: The Struggle, The Heartache, The Death

E True Hollywood Story-Fall From Grace: The Tragic Life of Anna Nicole

Oxygen Presents.....Scandalous: The Anna Nicole Smith Story

Struggles of The Heart - The Tragic Life of Anna Nicole.

Who's My daddy the life of Dani Lynn hope stearn/birksomething/smith

We also have books

New York Times Bestseller
My Client, My Lover, My Unofficial Wife: Life with and without Anna Nicole
Written By Howard K. Stern

New York Times Bestseller
The PA Diaries: Life With The Real Anna Nicole
By: Kimmie that woman that looked like a guy who was a personal assistant to Anna Nicole