The job to leave or not to leave

I started back in october with a company I thought was great. I was working as an Account Manager, trying to do a good job and for the first two months loved it. I then got out of training and things went downhill. While I was in a training a girl quit and they was a need for an Account Manager there. I understand there was a need, but a more experienced Account Manager who had worked on the account (i.e. the other Account Managers assigned to the client) should have kept it. I come out to the floor and I am informed I get this client. Mind you the girl's desk has not been touched, she was behind on things going back to August, I was given the client in November. That was scary enough of how I am going to get caught up and learn about this client without screwing up too bad. That was red flag number one. Number two, I got virtually no support from the other two Account Managers assigned to the client, and I am told in December I am handling the client all by myself. A client that had three people, now has one, and that person is inexperienced and not familiar with basic Account Management, much less the client. Why would that make sense to do that to anyone? How and why would it be rationale to leave me out on my own, when most Account Managers with experience are own teams working with one client with multiple people? Number 3 The client is crazy, within one week of getting the client, I have been yelled at, been told wrong information over and over, and they are just high maintenance and sensitive, not a good "starter" client. Besides again let me emphasize the two people working the account gave me virtually no help. One was just downright shady. He would tell me one thing to do with an issue, then go behind my back, tell the client another thing, and then pretend he didn't know about our conversations. I was thrown under the bus way too many times with these people. I finally got pissed off enough that I was on monster.com in no time.

Well I went on one itnerview with one company, and I got the position. More money, closer to home (I am driving 40 miles to work everyday, and riding the tollway the whole way, very expensive). The company is smaller, but honestly, I don't care about that, it doesn't seem so bad to work for a smaller company with not so many people, and just not have to deal with all the current nonsense I am dealing with. I have another interview today after work with another company. Right down the street from where I work, but I know they will offer me more money than either job I am at now. The downside is I would have to go back to Disability claims, which is a beat down within it self, but still not as evil as what I am doing now. Which job should I take, should I stick it out. My husband says run for the hills, I say I feel bad, my manager was really nice, but being set up for failure doesn't sit well for me. You would rather take them off a difficult account because they don't like it, and leave me ass out to deal with the craziness.

Who knows what I will do, right now it appears I will not be rolling into that office for much longer.

I hope my manager understands.