The Response By Idiots to Al Roker's Editorial on Imus


Al Roker wrote an opinion piece on Imus. Roker believes Imus should go. Imus got fired, Al Roker responded to that by saying he is not happy Imus is gone, but is applauding MSNBC for having morals. Yes I know MSNBC did not fire Imus because of their high moral fiber, but because they were losing advertising dollars by the truckload. What bothers me is not the Roker's editorial, but the response and outcry from idiots who will now boycott Al Roker and the Today show because their martyr Imus as fallen. The responses or so shallow and so idiotic, that I just have to respond.

I am posting actual quotes from people who are in an uproar over this:

"Mr. Roker..I do believe your stance against Imus is heavily based on all the hurts and slights against blacks from the beginning of time."

Uuuhhhhmmmmmmmmmm Do you think I am thinking of great, great, grandpa Cyrus and Great Aunt Beula picking cotton and being slaves when I think about the wrongs done to African Americans? If you are let me remind you RACISM IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL IN AMERICA. I just wanted to shout that from the tree tops. I am thinking about being racially profiled by cops. I think about people assuming I plan to steal from a store that they perceive, based upon my race, I am too poor to shop in. I am worried about being called a n*gger. I am still worried about towns like Vidor, TX, a town I literally lived 6 miles from as a child, but never visited because it is a town known as a "Sundown Town".

"It is a shameful thing Imus said and he should be punished, but in the same light he made a mistake that he is truly sorry for. What about forgiveness? what about taking a man for his word?"

You are acting as if Imus does not have a history of "making mistakes". Let me refer you to this article, where we can quote past Imus mistakes.

On blacks:

``Isn't The Times wonderful? It lets the cleaning lady cover the White House.'' (Referring to former New York Times reporter Gwen Ifill.)

``That colored fellow.'' (Referring to presidential candidate and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.)

``Quota hire.'' (Referring to New York Times sportswriter William Rhoden.)

``Two cooma-chucka, big-butted women.'' (Describing tennis players Venus and Serena Williams.)

``A one-eyed lawn jockey.'' (Referring to Sammy Davis Jr.)

On Jews:

``... Beanie-wearing Jew boy.'' (Describing Washington Post columnist Howard Kurtz.)

``Lenny the Jew.'' (Referring to sportscaster Len Berman.)

On Latinos:

``Chihuahua-looking ho.'' (Describing singer Gloria Estefan.)

On Palestinians:

``Stinking animals.''

Miscellaneous officials:

``That big lesbian.'' (Describing former Attorney General Janet Reno.)

``Here's my apology: Beso mi culo! How's that, gordo?'' (Inviting Bill Richardson, who is Latino, to kiss his rear end. Earlier, Imus had called the New Mexico governor a ``fat sissy'' and ``fat baby.'')

Imus is not some innocent who did a slip of the tongue, he has done this over and over for the past 30 years. If you can't understand why using the term "nappy headed hos" is offensive, especially due to the fact the people he were referring to were college girls playing basketball and not Lil' Kim, then you can't be helped.

Another quote I love is this one:

"When are Jesse Jackson and Sharpton going to be held to the same standards as they expect other to be held? When will we see them on every news station apologizing for the witch hunt they lead against the Duke Lacrosse players that were found completely innocent?"

What the hell does this have to do with the price of tea in China. Seriously. Imus called a bunch of women, white and black, "nappy headed hos" because they played basketball and had tattoos. They did not call him a name, they didn't know him, they didn't think about Imus until he mentioned them, and called them everything but a child of God. Duke players hire a bunch of prostitutes, call them derogatory names (which per their neighbors were in reference to the strippers/prostitutes being black), but since they didn't rape them, they are salt of the earth, wonderful boys who have had their futures stolen from them. In reality these boys will never have to worry about their future because they are white males with sympathy from white people who have power, money, and the influence to help and assist these people with their careers and lives. Of course to, if we relied solely upon the media, there has never been an instance of a black woman getting raped by white men ever. Whenever black rape victims make the headlines it is usually for lying, and apparently white women never lie about rape, because we rarely if ever hear about these things.

"Lucky for Don Rickles that his career was in a time when people new the difference between a bad joke and racism."

Yeah during segregation and the civil rights movement when blacks had no rights in the American South, yeah you could tell a nigger joke back then, no problem.

"I think Joe Scourborogh black guest said it best last nite... The old fart Imus did NOT just wake up with those words in his mind. He has heard them from YOUR black entertainment industry!!!"

Because there are black idiots, I as a black person must now be allowed to be called derogatory comments by non blacks. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Because black people do it, it is ok to call me something crazy. I am going to let the general public in on a little secret BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT A HOMOGENOUS COLLECTIVE WITH GROUP THOUGHT. We do not all use the word "nigga" as a term of endearment, we do not all listen to Rap and R&B, and no we cannot all dance really, really well. My grandmother has never said it is acceptable to use the word "nigger" in her presence, my mother hasn't, my father hasn't. We don't all use the word, and we don't all encourage it. There has been outrage for years in the black community about offensive lyrics, but yet you guys want to pretend it doesn't exist. Just because you aren't aware, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

All these comments in general to me want to deflect attention from the fact that Imus said something offensive and was wrong, and it doesn't matter how much wrong there is in the world, two wrongs still do not make a right. It shouldn't be ok to called those women what he called them. It shouldn't be swept under the rug. Racism still exists because people want to pretend they are enlightened and unaware of race, when in reality race plays an important role at least for many african americans, on a constant basis.