The Ugly Truth

I just finished reading this article, and again the comments by Imus supporters. The article did nothing but tell the truth. The man simply did not make a mistake his racist diatribe has been consistent throughout the years, the only difference is now he has crossed the line and attacked people who probably should not have been attacked.

It shows the difference between whites and blacks. Whites pointing a finger at rap and hip hop for Imus saying what he said, and failing to realize there has been initiatives in black publications and media for years to stop sexist lyrics and the use of the word "nigga". Whites have the luxury of forgetting about racism, black people do not, and this Imus nonsense shows that loud and clear. A white man says something racist, whites want to point the finger back at black people, talking about "our" music, as if hip hop and rap is all we have ever contributed to. They never want to mention young white males are the main supporters of this music, which is why it sells so well.

White men are up in arms, since they feel they are losing their rights (per the comments posted in response to this article). I am going to say this with glee. Welcome to the world of a minority. You are losing your age old affirmative action rights, even though not protected by law, are well protected by tradition, and I don't feel bad! Truth be known you have way too much power and wealth for you to ever have to worry about losing your rights. Poor white men they can't exclude women and minorities. I am sorry, I am just not sympathetic to your cause.