Adoption is an option.......

I am going to be a big sister to my cousins two youngest kids. My mom and dad have decided to adopt them since currently they are in foster care in West Virginia. They are 8 and 9, that means my dad will almost be 68 years old, when the youngest graduates from high school. I will admit at first I was apprehensive about them doing this, they should probably let someone younger do it, but hell I didn't step up to the plate, neither did anyone else. My mom has assured me I will be helping out with the kids, who have some emotional problems, but hell who wouldn't with the lives they have lead. K is 9, and partially deaf in one year from her mother hitting her. T is 8, and has anger management issues due to the last foster home he was in. Apparently they were after a check and not really looking out for any of the children of the home. Their mother was on crack, and herself had some emotional issues. They had been in foster care for almost 2 years now. Their mother lost her parental rights, and didn't bother to tell anyone about it. Her mother, my aunt (not blood, through marriage) declined to take care of them due to health, and never bothered to contact any of us to let us know where the kids were.

I am excited now, but I am scared as hell for my old parents. They don't know how to raise the children of today. I asked them about K and T having a cell phone, my father looked at me as if I was crazy. I know mothers who gave their kids cell phones at age 10. It seemed reasonable to ask. My dad is also old school, they will be getting spankings. Beat downs as me and my brother fondly remember them.

Another thing to worry about my brother. My brother is autistic, not artistic, but actually he is artistic, he is totally into painting. He has asperger's syndrome, aka Bobby Boucher disease. He is smart as a whip, but lacks what they call the social skills. He also has had the run of the upstairs for literally a decade, and now he has to share the upstairs with K and T. He won't hurt anyone, but it will take time for him to adjust and now he has to share, but dammit he should have to share. I did, when I lived at I always had to share with his stinky butt. Take him with me outside, drive him to basketball practice, clean up after his dirty tail. Ick, flashbacks of scrubbing down a bathroom after his musty butt took a shower, I was so glad when he got old enough to clean up after his self.

I think everything will work out, and now my mother has fulfilled her dream of having a butt load of kids, and she only had to do half the work. Two girls 31 and 9, and two boys 24 and 8, she spaced them out real good.