Britney Talentless and Fat?

OK I am weighing in on the Britney at the VMA's. FIrst off let me say, I have always hated Britney Spears, she is all that is wrong with America. We value looks way over talent and as a result end up with medicore music fed to the mainstream. Artists like Otis Redding, Sly and the Family Stone, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, and others would have never ever been popular in today's music scene because they would have been deemed too ugly, and their performances on stage would be lackluster since they had no pyrotechnics or widescreens in the background. MTV in my mind has killed the concept of true musical talent. Music videos, although I love them, were the downfall of all good music. The VMAs have always sucked, and they still do, Britney and all. That being said:

Britney was horrible. She couldn't even lip synch, and that is bad, very, very bad. You should be able to at least lip synch. That being said if you are lip synching, you should be able to dance. She looked like a robot on stage. Then finally, let's talk about the outfit and her body. Yes Britney had a slight tummy, but I think that had more to do with her outfit being a size too small, rather than her being fat.

The sources I have been reading have focused extensively on how fat she looked. Yes it was tacky to wear a bikini on stage, at any age. Yes she does not have washboard abs. But she is hardly fat. Far from it. I bet her body fat percentage is lower than the majority of Americans, and if she did indeed gain some weight, consider she is no longer 17, she has had two kids, and is fresh out of rehab. Maybe she didn't have time to do the 1,000 crunches per day work out she once did. Maybe, just maybe she needs to hire a new manager or rehire the old one she fired so that they can provide her a stylist that will give her better fashion advice. Obviously what she wore wasn't flattering, but it wouldn't be flattering on most women. Not to mention she isn't fat, she just isn't the toned Britney she once was.

The jabs at her weight, are just further proof of how hypocritical America is. We complain that everyone is overweight, then we complain that the celebrities we worship in our star obsessed society are too skinny, and when one such as Britney no longer looks anorexic, we condemn her as fat. We live in a fat society obsessed with weight, who obsess over skinny, rich, celebrities, who then turn on said skinny, rich, celebrities, when they start looking more like real people, and not like bobble head dolls.

Is Britney talentless, yes.....definitely, I thought so years ago. Is Britney fat, hardly.