Oh My God....I am the white girl at work

Why am I the white girl at work? Because I grew up upper middle class, I am educated, I listen to alternative, punk, college, indie, music, like sushi and thai food (my favorite), I am married to a white man, and I talk like a professional when around co-workers and on the phone. More proof I am white: My father and mother are both degreed and hold professional jobs. Gasp!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow stereotypes abound. The other black girl at work was talking about taking me to South Dallas. I hang out in Oak Cliff all the time, just the nice part. My great aunt lives there, she has for over 40 years. She was a school teacher, her husband was a manager of a grocery store warehouse for years, they were active in civic organizations, and they were not poverty stricken. I go all the time, I just don't go to the ghetto. Last I checked ghetto does not equal black, it equals crime and gang activity. That is not fun,javascript:void(0)
Publish Post there are plenty middle and upper middle class blacks that hang out in other areas of Dallas. I will go hang with them, like I am already doing. If that makes me white so be it. It at least I am not 30 in booty shorts at the club on Saturday nights...that is just wrong.