Admission of IR

OK I am going to be blunt and honest. I have never ever had sex with a black guy. I have barely even kissed a black guy. I have kissed a Hispanic guy, fooled around with a Hispanic guy. I kissed an Eurasian guy once. But every single person I have ever had sex with has been white, which is just my husband because I was a virgin before I was married at age 27 ::wink::

Is that bad? I have dated white, Hispanic, black, and Asian guys, but only been intimate with white guys(I mean my husband, as I said I was a virgin).

I don't know why that is. Am I sexually more attracted to white guys (my husband) than other races of guys? Is it because of where I grew up, where often I was the only minority within a ten mile radius. Is it because my first grade school boyfriend was a red headed boy named Charlie, or the next door neighbor Brian who I used to make out with at age 5, and who showed me his wee wee after he ran away from home as my parents opened the door to my room to see what I was doing. His parents and mine were scared, we even got banned from each others houses to keep from kissing each other like the people in soap operas did. But we couldn't keep our hands off each other!!!! I don't know why that is. Maybe he is the reason I like dark haired guys with light eyes. He had the darkest hair, palest skin, and bluest eyes I had ever seen. I did date Marcus in preschool we were pretty serious for about 3 days, and he was black, but aside from that, all my real "relationships" beyond dating have been with white guys (my husband).

Is there a rationale for my preferences? Am I racist?