Does a Black Woman Have To Be Conservative For a White Man to Like Her?

For the past few weeks, I have actually been going to other blogs, mostly blogs focused on interracial relationships between black women and white men. I myself am a black woman married to a white man, which is why I have an interest in these blogs. One thing I have noticed increasingly as I have looked at these blogs, is that there is a way more active black female participation in the discussion of these blogs than white men. One blog I have noticed though has a increase in the number of white men participating than others I have been to. The women that writes the blog is a self proclaimed conservative. The white men love her!!!! As you notice my blog is not about interracial relationships, race relations are discussed, but I talk about politics or whatever is on my mind the majority of the time. I curse, have no valuable input and strictly do this for myself. So I am wondering, do white guys who date black women tend to lean toward the conservative/republican gals? Do you as a black woman, have to like Bush and Cheney to get love from a white guy? I know when I get approached by white men in republican dominated Texas, the issue of politics doesn't normally come up in conversation, but the issue of me being married does, and so the conversation lasts maybe five minutes at most and then they go away.

Back in my dating days though, I dated a couple of conservative guys, but for the most part they were more middle of the road. I have had a few ultra conservative guys approach me in the dating days, but it never turned into anything.

I typically have this stereotype that conservative men are the guys that come up to you wanting sex, but not wanting a relationship because it would in their minds alter the course of the world and their families would reject them. I did know a black girl who fooled around with a conservative white guy, and that was indeed his mentality. She was good enough to screw, but not good enough to bring home to mom. Maybe that is why I have that perception?

I also get the perception that being conservative = "more white acting" than if you are a liberal. The kind of black women that would stereotypically like a white man, because she has turned her back on the black community by simply being conservative. Conservative =white, liberal=minority, woman, hippie, or gay. Or she would read this book, and seek out white men. For the love of God don't read this book, unless you are into feeding racism, hating black people, and love stereotypes.

Why is it white guys seem to gravitate, at least in the blogosphere to women who are more conservative than liberal? Are most white men more conservative than liberal? Do they feel conservative black people "act whiter" than the black liberal counterparts? Is it so they can watch Fox News and read Ann Coulter books together?