Mixed Crowd or Black Crowd.

This has happened to me in the past. You meet a guy, he happens to be white. He is nice, sweet, awesome, cute, and everything else under the sun. He calls you asks if you want to go out, you tell him you have other plans, but to come meet up with your friends. He then asks the question, are you going to be at an all black place or more mixed place? You wonder why it matters. He tells you because he doesn't want to be the only white person with all eyes on him. He doesn't want to be a target. As if he will be automatically lynched, as if he expects you to hang out in the hood with Ray Ray and Nook Nook gang banging at the most ghetto club around.

Not cool. When I heard this response years ago, all likes went out the window. I grew up being the only black or one of few blacks the majority of my life. He didn't appear to mind when I was the only black at a place when we went on a date. The majority of places we went, I was one of a few black people. Why was he not concerned then?

I guess my concern is this: Fast forward on down the road, and you decide you are OK with him being "out of place" with black people. Can you go to a family reunion? Meet up with friends for a barbecue? Is that ok?

A question for the guys who date IR? Is this ever a concern for you? Being around majority black people on occasion?