Natural Vs. Perm & Weave: Reactions from People of Varying Races

I have natural hair. I blog about it even. Actually I blog about being a product junkie. I have been relaxer free for 8 years. I always found in my personal experience I have more receptive responses to my natural hair from white people or non black people than from black people. My husband actually encouraged me to go natural. He saw me cringing at the pain of a relaxer and the open burning wounds on my head caused by my at home relaxer kit. Just for Me anyone? Yeah even the kiddie relaxers hurt like hell. I did the ceramic hot iron route for years, as well as the poofy ponytail and bun. I finally decided to do wash and go earlier this year and have gotten positive results. No one has told me I look crackish due to my natural hair yet. They have said I was crackish, but that was for other reasons. I guess my question is this: Do you think that non black men in particular are more receptive to a natural or do they prefer the relaxed/weave look?

I can say even though my husband encourages natural, he is not about me having short or shorter hair. When straight I do have hair midway down my back. My husband likes that look, he likes my just past my shoulders natural look as well, but I thought about doing twists and even locks, and he was not as receptive. The thought of bald is an absolute nightmare for him. I have noted though the last few years, there has been quite an increase in the natural look, I am taking that to mean more black men are open to the look as well. What do you think? I know in my past it was a negative to be called "nappy"or have a "kitchen" or "beady bead" hair.
Black women are suppossedly well known for their love of weave. I have even had other black people touch my hair looking for tracks because my hair is longer. Black people I think in general are just now warming up to the natural trend. I know my parents are just now accepting me with my natural vs straight hair look, and I notice I still get weird looks from people when wearing my natural hair, but not as many as I used to.

I think that many times when you talk to white or non black men on the blogs, they point to the Halle Berrys, Gabrielle Unions, Beyonces, and Sanaa Lathans of the world. Those women are beautiful, hell they would all be beautiful if they were bald, but you never see these men say they are all about looking at India Arie or Amel Larrieux or even Jill Scott. It seems they are more attracted to straight and longer hair, with Halle being the exception to longer hair. Why do you think that is? Are they not aware of black female celebrities? Or are they just not interested in women with natural hair?