Why Incidents Such as the Jena 6 Happen

This post is from a woman who posted a comment on my blog. She is a school teacher whose classroom was vandalized with racial epitaphs. Her school dismissed it as a prank. You would think that the Alachua County School District, Gainesville, Florida, would take a cue from Jena, La.

I believe the Jena 6 fiasco that occurred could have been prevented if the school had acted appropriately to the nooses hanging in the tree. If they had addressed the fact that in this day and age the concept of having a white tree on school grounds, that had a history of being a lynching tree in your town should have been addressed YEARS ago. If these issues had been handled properly. There wouldn't have been as much racial tension in the school, and maybe, just maybe this school fight, which the DA tried to turn into attempted murder with tennis shoes as the weapon, would not have happened.

Of course isn't this how most things escalate? People sit by and do nothing, and then react after things have escalated to a boiling point.