Black Women, Color Contacts, Hair Dye, and Weave

I will start off by saying I have never ever in the history of man kind ever wore a weave on my head. I wore a wig once at Halloween, but never a weave. I have worn color contacts, just a few times. I got them at the Big T Bazaar for $10, they weren't comfortable and if I wore them for any length of time, I might have ended up blind. My husband thought they were horrid. I had this hazel pair, and gray pair. He felt it weird that anyone would have gray eyes. He begged me to take them out, not just because they didn't come from an optometrist, but rather a swap meet, but because he thinks I look better with my boring old brown eyes. I have colored my hair only in high school and freshman year of college, and only in colors not found in nature, blue, pink, green. I know I sounded like I was a creme de la creme catch back then. I was also a militant vegetarian too. I digress.

I have grown up in the age of weave and colored contacts. I have friends who wear either or, and some who wear both. It took my years to realize what weave was, because I never went to the beauty shop growing up,my mother instead gave me 3rd degree burns with a hot iron or chemical burns with the super duper Revlon super strength relaxers. I used to wonder how some black woman had such long luxurious hair that didn't frizz up in Texas Humidity. I actually got my hair to grow, but it never would comply to the humidity in the air.

Color contacts always fascinated me too. I would never wonder if they were real or fake, I remember when color contacts first came out, the colors were horrid, but to me still pretty than plain old brown.

My final fascination in regards to this subject, was black women with red, blond, and other hair colors. I wonder how they got their hair so blond, did they feel it looked natural. Did they feel pretty, or that they got more attention as a red head or blond? Was it true blonds had more fun?

When you put the blond or whatever color weave with the color contacts, I get even more fascinated.

My question is this? Why do we want to wear weaves, dye our hair, and have color contacts?

Now I know many black women who wear weave or color contacts, and they are secure in their skin, are beautiful women, and have no real hang ups in regards to their beauty, at least no more than the average person. But the go so far as to do a combination of all three, it is very strange to me.

Is it self hate, an attempt to meet western beauty standards, or just someone trying something different and new?

I always have to point to the obvious blond weave, color contact queen, Lil Kim. She has set the gold standard of this look. When Lil Kim first came out, she was skanky, like she always was, but she had dark hair, brown eyes, and her skin was a nice medium brown, her hair did appear to be weave or wig, but who knows, I have a hard time telling in most cases of weave/wig:

Now we have Lil Kim Redux:

Why would Lil Kim want to look like this? Is she considered more attractive now, or how she was when she first started?