Blogging Sometimes Feels Like High School

Today, I was making my usual round of blogs, doing my using getting sidetracked and finding more blogs, and decided that blogging is like high school. You have your popular blogs, the jocks and cheerleaders of the blogging world, that will get the hundreds of hits and the hundreds of comments per post. These people will actually bond over email and chit chat off line via phone because they love each other oh so much and the rest of us commenting are completely ignorant of their strong bond. The nerd blogs, which no one reads, but they have a lot of insight and tons of interesting things to say. The obnoxious stuck up bitch blogs, of those who feel their blogs are bigger and better than yours, and feel their insight is so important that they must tell you how awesome and important it is. Then you have the blogs like mine. Not really popular, nothing really important to say, and that kind of fall to the wayside, just like I was in high school. Weird huh?