Dog the Bounty Hunter-Racist Idiot

Well Dog the Bounty Hunter is running scared. The long flowing mullet has gone into hiding, and A&E has suspended the show and he has already issued an apology. Why? He got caught on tape. Dog did not want his son dating a black woman, since they use the n-word around the shop, they didn't want her recording it and running to the media with it. He was urging his son to break up with this girl, so he didn't have to adjust his racist attitude. What a complete and utter dumb ass.

Let's review Duane "Dog" Chapman shall we?

He is a balding man, with a long flowing mullet, who is a convicted murderer with history of drug abuse. He is a bails bondsman. He has 12 kids from numerous women, and he is estranged from several of them. Yet he is concerned about the character of his son's girlfriend? Sheesh.

I have already started reading the comments on TMZ.com. Classy as always. Some comments of note:

Since we only heard part of it, we are taking things out of context right?

You cannot play just a portion of a audio tape and have it tell the whole story.. Shame on you TMZ.. I don't agree with Dog using the language, however, you need to have the entire background on the conversation before passing judgement on him....

i agree the portion they played was hyped up by TMZ i mean he may have used some offensive language but havent we all, and all i heard was a man afraid of losin what he has built up for himself TMZ messed up by not showing the whole tape

In this quote, it is the sons fault, and old people use it, they are just used to it, so it is ok to use the N-word. For all those with that mindset, please refer to the clip I posted from Clerks II:

That doesn't even sound like a real tape. It sounds like something blotched together first of all. Second of all...how many times have people been quoted or taken out of context? I don't even know if I buy the tape, but if so I still love Dog. He's been an amazing bounty hunter that has taken risk for the sake of helping people all the time. Being mixed with several races myself, I have been around a lot of races in my life. People have names for other races all the time whether they want to admit it or not. It's not usually as an insult or whatever, its just profiling in a way I guess. Plus some older people were raised around it and just say it without thinking nor mean anything by it. Some people say things to be hurtful and mean, but this doesn't sound like that. It does sound angry as to having your personal info or fake stories sold for tabloid bucks. I would be pissed too if someone violated my family by selling my business to tabloid scum too. Again, not buying this tape anyways. If Tucker thinks its ok to hurt the people that loved him and stood beside him when he acted a fool and was put in jail, then he doesn't deserve them in his life anyways. Dating someone that takes money to sell your family out is TRASH, and looking the other way while you know they are doing it makes you TRASH too.

This quote came from a Hispanic woman. I am sure she is fine with people using derogatory terms about her race as a whole as well:

come on now!! Everyone needs to get over it already!! I'm hispanic and I don't think that he was try to be mean about it!! so he says the N word all the time!! it is not like he is going off on one individual person.