Frito Pie Love

OK, I don't understand how anyone in the history of man kind has never ever had a Frito Pie. I met a woman today who didn't know what a Frito Pie is. Who doesn't know what a Frito Pie is?!?!?!?!?! It is standard at high school football games, it used to be a staple on the Sonic menu before they went crazy and took it off the menu in favor of the skank Frito burrito. I guess it is a southern or Texas thing? Apparently in New York, there is a restaurant that is causing blasphemy in the Frito Pie world. They give the person an option of vegetarian chili. In Texas vegetarian is right up there on par with child molester. I know, I used to be one. It is wrong to even offer this, the vegetarian eating Fritos would still be consuming animal byproducts, Fritos use a pork enzyme for flavoring, you ain't saving the animals eating Fritos. Anyway Frito Pie is so delicious, I might just have one for dinner. All I need is my Fritos, cheese, and Wolf Brand chili, no beans.