Happy Thanksgiving!!!! You're Fired!!!!

On Friday I got my walking papers from my job. I was "terminated", "let go". For what I am really not sure, but praise Jesus I document everything. I wasn't the only one, she let go of half the office, no severance, nothing, but hopefully my last check with direct deposit itself on Wednesday. I think I know what did it for sure, but it was way too long of a story that probably over the next couple of weeks I will be able to discuss here on this blog, after all I should have a ton of time on my hands right? Oh Well!!! There is a special place in Hell for people who fire folks the Friday before Thanksgiving.

Not all hope is lost though, I have two interviews lined up, and I have applied to about 40 or 50 jobs since Friday. I also have a list of companies in my field that I plan to check and see if they are hiring, like at least 30 or 40. I should be set application wise really soon. I also have an interview tomorrow and the following Monday. I hope that at least one of those companies calls me back. The good thing about living in a major city is, there is at least some hope of getting a job somewhere. Next week I plan to roll into DISD and some other school districts needing subs, which at this time of the year is kind of limited, but hey it is something. I will also be trying to apply at the local Borders and Barnes and Noble to see if I can get something part time to ensure Christmas isn't interrupted. I also went Ghettoqueeshah and applied for unemployment benefits. I have never used them, I should be able to get them right? I hope I can even get them. I am glad my husband makes enough money to cover bills with some left over, but I hate being in this situation. Oh Well, something will come up right? Maybe this is the time to reinvent myself, do things around the house that need to get done. Start my dream business. Or just crawl into a corner and cry. I can't decide.