Am I Jealous, Or Do I Just Not Want To See Your Ass?

On a blog I frequent, I always find myself looking at pics of the bloggers who comment. Most of the pics are G-rated, but then you have the pics of the girls who are completely done up (weave, contacts, and all), dressed suggestively, and/or scantily clad (side profile of the ass). Personally these do not offend me, the human body is the human body. I am more offended by women in weave and color contacts than I am by women walking around naked. To me, weave and color contacts make me think that you have some issues with being black, I know this is not always the case, but it is the first thing that pops into my mind.

So inevitably another commenter will say something to these particular posters about their pics. The quick and immediate response is, "Your Jealous". Am I or the other posters there really jealous, or do we just not want to see your ass on our computer screens?

If I wanted to look at ass, I would go to the Round and Brown sites. Personally, I don't see the men posters providing pics of their penises or asses for me to see, I don't even see chest pics. At least give me some eye candy. I am all about naked folks, but sometimes, especially if I happen to blog at work, I do not want your booty on my computer screen for fear that my coworkers and boss might think I am really at the round and brown site, and not at a blog discussing IR relationships and race relations.

Sometimes I think we are trying way too hard to impress others. That is just me thinking out loud though. After all, I am probably jealous of these women and just spewing hatred. Hey the guys like it, again guys are more visual than girls, we are always taught to tone things down. Guys want us to tone things up. I think my husband would be excited if I got dressed up in heels, a short skirt, and make up to clean the bathroom, but instead I opt for a ratty tshirt, sweat pants, and no make up. I guess men and women are just different.