Cultural Differences or Am I Stuck Up?

OK me and my husband thought it would be fun to go camping. A mini vacation we can take the dogs with and enjoy nature and life. There is one huge problem. We have vastly different views of camping. He grew up thinking and experiencing camping in a tent like this:

I grew up camping in a cabin with electricity, running water, beds, and a television like this:

He doesn't think that is camping, he likens it to staying at a hotel. Hello!?!?!? There is no room service in a cabin, nor spa, nor swimming pool, usually just a lake. How dare he claim I have never been camping. My parents have a cabin, and we would go down to the other house all the time. It was rough. Only two bedrooms and four people!!!! I had to alternate with my brother between the other room and the couch in the living area. Yeah we had cable and a phone. What if a bear mauls me, how else do I contact 911?

So now I am researching on the internet like a nerd on how to camp in a tent and places to go camping, but all I can seem to find is RV parks, per my husband no RV either. How do you cook up food without a stove? How do you watch TV in a tent? Where are the showers. I can't find a place to camp without an RV.

This camping in a tent thing is no joke.