I gots a job....reflections of unemployment

I got a new job. I start Monday. I made a lateral move pay wise, but benefits far outweigh my previous place of employment.

I think being unemployed made me crazy. It made me a bit.......aggressive. Militant. Psycho.

As a result of unemployment, I spent every second I could on the internet blogging and/or reading blogs. I argued with people. I got wrapped up in high school bullshit in comment sections of blogs. I realized I was trying way too hard to be cool with the cool young bloggers. I am not cool, I am a reject. A nerd. An outcast. Always have been and always will be. I will never be cool. Not even on the internet. I cannot compete with folks ten years younger who are willing to post their pics and compliment each other on how hot they are. I am not hot. I am 31 and holding. I will not email you to have a conversation in private. You probably wouldn't reply anyway. I am fat, I am cynical, and I don't see the world as a new frontier, but rather an old depressing place full of evil people who do evil things to those less fortunate and unsuspecting. I think my biggest concern should be how do I stop my husband from buying so much G.I. Joe and how to keep the toilet seat down. Not being cool on the internet.

With that said, I will probably keep my blog surfing down to a minimum, don't worry I will still post, but I am taking the internet way too seriously lately. Maybe I need to focus my energies elsewhere, like at the gym. So if I don't comment as much, you know why. If I am not here every five seconds, you know why. If I seem anti-social, you know why. I've got to break my blogging addiction. Starting Monday. Let me spend every second I can now blogging. I can't just quit cold turkey. Damn!!!!