I love my new sister

As I noted in another post, my parents are in the process of adopting two children, the oldest, ten years old is currently here. She has been here for a month. She is the sweetest kid ever. She makes me so happy to have a sister. This weekend while my parents flew out of state to visit her brother, who hopefully in a few weeks will be here, she spent the weekend with us. We were sitting on the couch and I noticed some faint scars on her arms. I asked her what happened not thinking, and as nonchalantly as saying I fell down, she said her mother grabbed her by the arms and burned her with cigarettes. It was so matter of fact. I literally just hugged her to keep myself from blubbering like a baby.

She has struggled more in her 10 years than I ever have in my 31 years of life. I wonder what else she has been through in her short time. I know that she is very uncomfortable around men. I pray to God that is not due to abuse. I sincerely hope that whatever bad her mother did to her, we can make up for it by loving her like a child should be loved. This girl has asked me some of the most painful things. She asks who her father is, and the sad thing is we don't know. She asked if her mother was nice to me, I told her yes, she then asked why her mother didn't like her. All I can do is tell her I love her and give her a hug.

Her life makes me wonder why she is such a sweet and loving person. If a quarter of the things that happened to her had happened to me, I would be the most vile, ugly person in all the world. She just stays sweet, she stays trusting of at least women for the most part. She gives hugs, tells you she loves you, and welcomes you with open arms and a smile. That is something I am grateful for. She does something at 10, I can't even do now, which is let go.