I love white men. I always have and suspect I always will. I married my husband and am happy for it, I didn't do what my mother wanted I followed my heart. I went after a guy who fit my ideal. Dark hair, green eyes, and pale skin. If I were to get divorced tomorrow, I would say more than likely I would end up with another white guy. That is just what I prefer. Why do I prefer white men. I am not really sure, it is just what I like. Is it because I don't like black men? No. Black men don't fit into the equation of why I like white men. I had positive black male role models all around me. I had a tendency to not want to date them though, I had crushes on white guys ever since I could remember. From the red headed boy Charlie in kindergarten to the blond guy Scott I went to prom with in high school. Even now I have a teen girl type crush on Cillian Murphy. I have dated black men and Hispanic men. I am willing to date anyone I deem attractive, it just seems I have a preference for white men. Should I have a reason for this attraction? Do I hate my blackness? Or do I just have something wired in my brain that attracts me to white men? Is there a justification for this attraction? I don't think there is. Attraction is attraction. I don't have to hate black men to love white men. I don't have to hate myself to love a white man. As long as I am not hurting anyone else, what is the issue?