R.I.P. John Ella

My heart is hurting. My grandmother, the woman I am named after, my Madea, she passed away Monday. She was 83. My Madea was a beautiful, awesome woman who had a lot of love to give. She was so smart, so giving, and the most loving grandmother a person could ever have. Even with being diagnosed with dementia a year or two ago, she was a strong woman, demanding that she leave the nursing home she was placed in so that she could go "home". Even though in later years, the dementia harmed her in a lot of ways, it never wavered her love for us. Visiting her in the nursing home, she always had a hug and a kiss for her grand babies, she never once forgot who we were. Unfortunately she never got to go home, but now maybe she is at peace.

I love you Madea. I want so badly to be able to give you a kiss on the cheek, give you a hug, and just tell you that I love you.