Should people be more open and willing

Porn and relationships. In an earlier post, I talked about having an online friend I looking very similar to a porn actress I saw in some explicit spam. I said that I couldn't date someone that had done porn. I am wondering am I alone in that mindset, why do I have that mindset?

I asked my husband would he date a woman in the adult entertainment industry, provided of course he was single. He said no. But I got to thinking, I know he knows I was not the virgin Mary when we got together, I knew he wasn't virginal either. So what is the difference between doing it on camera or doing it in private? He basically felt, even though he knew I wasn't a virgin, at least he couldn't see my past, but if you do porn it is there forever haunting to you. He prefers to think I was a virgin before we were together.

I understand porn can haunt you for years. You did it for six months, but your image gets used over and over again, in tons of different movies, magazines, and web sites. It could be used for years. Obviously, even though people don't admit it, porn is a huge industry, so a ton of people are watching it, and a ton of people are buying it. What if someone recognizes them, what if you bring them home to your family and sibling, or parent saw them. What if your family approached you about it? What do you say? How do you react? So if you are willing to watch a girl or guy doing it, shouldn't you be open to dating that same girl or guy you watched? Would you be open to dating them if they stopped working in the industry for you, or would you be ok with them continuing to do it? Is it hypocritical to stop people from doing what they want to do, or for you to watch what they do, but not want to date them?

If they quit working in the industry, how do they financially adjust. I had a friend in college who stripped at a club in Dallas (surprise a stripper in Dallas, until a couple of years ago, Dallas had more strip clubs per capita than any other city in the U.S.). She made a ton of money while going to school. More than her job offers once she finished school offered. She is a degreed stripper, the money was just too good to give up, even though it was a part time job to help pay for school. My part time job in college was working at the mall and then becoming a part time admin. My job offers made me feel rich. Her plan now is to marry one of her patrons who is very wealthy, and buys her stuff constantly. She is going to quit stripping and he is going to take care of her. It definitely pays to strip.

So what do you guys think? You think you would be open to dating a stripper, porn star, or any one else in the adult entertainment business?