Hey are you that girl from Backdoor Hookers #25?

This is really weird. So you chat with someone on a regular basis, you are "online buddies". They have their pic online all over the place. You kind of look at them, you don't think anything of it, you aren't gay, you aren't into girls, right? So fast forward a few months, you get spam, you know what kind of spam I am talking about. The dirty spam, "Exploited Black Teens", you usually deleted said spam, but notice that the spam has a picture that looks familiar, maybe it is with the person you are chatting with. The one you are discussing feminism and beauty ideals in mainstream society with. You can't be for sure, pictures of people look different at time, maybe it is such a striking similarity. How do you ask someone, hey did you do porn? Take some dirty pictures for money? Have sex with a fugly man with a cocaine pinky finger?

I have no issue with porn or porn stars. I couldn't date someone who had sex with other people for money, but beyond that, I have no issues, it is just kind of weird, I don't like knowing what people I talk to look like naked. It is scary.

How do you approach it? Do you approach it at all?