Us vs. Them; American Blacks Vs. Non American Blacks

OK I am noticing a trend on another blog. Negative stereotypes of African Americans, while non American blacks are seen as an ideal. They value education, they try to succeed, they don't blame "the man" for all their problems, and the N-word doesn't bother them at all. Us American blacks have too many issues, cast blame for their shortcomings, and for the most part are still relying to heavily on racism for their shortcomings. There is even a "get over slavery mentality" that is prevalent over there, not so much from whites, but non American blacks.

I really have issues with this ideal.

I know I am not some magical Negro, so why do they take negative stereotypes and run with it? Are they taking their personal experiences and applying it to the whole race of people?

Do they believe most blacks are poverty stricken and on welfare? That we have four kids and three baby daddies? Do they believe we all listen to Jay Z and think Tupac and Biggie are gods? Is the assumption most blacks think education is not important?

Have American blacks been used to uplift non American blacks to be the "ideal" black?

Are we building a hierarchy based upon geographic location?

Is this another divide and conquer mentality? Must American blacks always been seen in a negative light?